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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Obama Issues New Threat to SCOTUS

Dana Mathewson

Dictator Obama has just issued another warning to SCOTUS that if it does not rule in favor of ObamaCare, he will make them wish they had -- he'll cause all sorts of problems to Medicare recipients.

And he's been issuing more Executive Orders that don't exactly make me comfortable. See below:

FTA: Fox News’ Martha McCallum advised Thursday that the Obama Administration has been quietly sending missives to the Supreme Court threatening that if it doesn’t rule in his favor on ObamaCare, Medicare will face disruption and “chaos.” Therefore, if SCOTUS rules in favor of the US Constitution, Obama & Co will begin its campaign to either destroy Medicare or make those on it suffer greatly. The Obama syndicate is said to be threatening to hold off Medicare payments to doctors and hospitals if SCOTUS does not comply with Obama’s demands and submit to him.

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