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Monday, April 30, 2012

"Squeezing the Family Farm" at Canada Free Press

Timothy Birdnow

I continue my series on the Obama Administration's war on the family farm, and point to the Communist Manifesto as a reasonable explanation of the Administration's actions in a new piece at Canada Free Press.

Bear in mind that, while Obama may not be a card-carrying Communist Party member, he is riddled with such associations. His mentor while growing up in Hawaii was Frank Marshall Davis - poet and Marxist. He has close ties to David Axelrod, a red diaper baby, and to such Marxists or neo-Marxists as Van Jones, Cass Sunstein, and a host of others.

Here is a website that chronicles some of Obama's less than savory relations to Marx.

I would also advice readers to check out William Been's "Masters of Audacity and Deceit". Been follows the sordid trail back to such groups as the radical Institute for Policy Studies and shows how the radicals are at the heart of the Obama Administration. 

At any rate, one can take it as a given that Mr. Obama is at least influenced in terms of policy by proponents of Marx - and I show how the latest policy baloon floated by the Department of Labor to restrict farm kids from doing traditional chores comes straight from the Manifesto.

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