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Saturday, June 16, 2012

New York City Council stigmatizes sexy female cab riders

Jack Kemp Maybe Nanny Bloomberg will require them to wear burqas eventually. The NY Post reports that: "A dozen scantily clad women rallied outside City Hall yesterday, decrying a bill they say prevents beauties wearing skimpy clothes from getting a fair shot at hailing a yellow cab. The proposal, which will soon get Mayor Bloomberg's signature, slaps stiff penalties on cabbies who ferry prostitutes and get a cut of the cash... ...the new bill - which the City Council unanimously passed Wednesday - would require the TLC to both strip a driver's license and slap them with a $10,000 penalty if he's previously been convicted of sex trafficking. On a first offense, a driver goes to a city hearing, where his license could be revoked. The proposal could make cops more willing to arrest drivers who are innocent, said taxi-union boss Fernando Mateo." A group of young, attractive women who work legitimate jobs that require an alluring image joined the protest at New York's City Hall against the pending new law passed by the overwhelmingly Democratic City Council. The bill will make it difficult for these women to get a cab ride home after work. Great. Now Bloomberg and the New York Democrats want to have attractive women flee the city to pursue work somewhere else. Bloomberg is all but asking cabbies to assume a role similar to that of the "Mutaween," the Saudi religious police who insure public modesty. The Bloomberg opponents who recently depicted him in a full page New York Times and wearing a frumpy dress it right. Rush Limbaugh had to apologize to Sandra Fluke, a woman who claims she "needs" $3000 worth of birth control pills a year, for calling her a "slut." Will Democrat City Council Chairwoman and mayoral hopeful Christine Quinn as well as current Mayor "Nanny" Bloomberg now have to apologize to thousands of attractively dressed young women for - de facto - calling them the same? Maybe the Democrats should consider running Bill Clinton for Mayor in 2013. Or maybe Madonna.

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