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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Name that Politician

Timothy Birdnow Who is being spoken about? 1. "It was all due to the faith of one man! Yes, you who called us godless, we found our faith in him, and through him found God once again. That is the greatness of our day, that is our good fortune!" 2. "The almost total absence of any criticism of him was, in fact, already apparent even in the immediate aftermath of the events. 'Sympathy lay generally from the beginning on his side'... 3. "The two most potent features of his perceived image were, first, that he was the executant of 'natural justice' (even if flouting all legal convetions), defending the 'little man' against the abuse of power of the 'big shots'; and, second, that he was the upholder of public morality, cleansing public life of the dissolute immorality and corruption of the former Administration." 4. He and he alone, seemed in the end to stand in the eyes of many citizens between them and total annihilation. Of course your first answer was Barack Obama, wasn't it! Nope, it was Der Fuehrer. quotes from Fascist Personality Cults; Adolf Hitler 1. rman Propaganda Archive." Calvin College. 4 Dec. 2007 2. and 3. Kershaw, Ian. The Hitler Myth: Image and Reality in the Third Reich. London: Oxford University Press, 2001. 3. Lindner, Evelin Gerda. "Were Ordinary Germans Hitler's 'Willing Executioners'?" in Idea (2000). 2 Dec. 2007.

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