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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Siberians Seek Annexation by U.S.

Timothy Birdnow

Here is an interesting article; according to Pravda, there is a growing separatist movement in Siberia where the frontier-like, under populated region is seeking to secede from Russia and join - the United States!

According to the article:

"A whole movement emerged during the recent population census in the Russian Federation. The movement promotes the idea to identify the nationality of those living in Siberia as the Siberians. A special group appeared on Facebook in the summer of the outgoing year. The members of the group believe that Siberia should become a part of the United States of America. The initiator of the strange movement, Vladimir Kiselyov, a 37-year-old resident of the city of Mezhdurechensk, believes that Siberia must get rid of the Moscow yoke. According to him, Siberia will not be able to become an independent state. The only way for the territory to prosper in the future is to become a part of the US"

End excerpt.

Can't say I blame them; Russia offers nothing but despotism and poverty to the oil-rich region, and the Siberians would doubtlessly do better as part of the United States. Actually, I take that back; at the rate we are going, Mr. Obama will have moved us to the left of Putin's Russia, and we may well wind up the more despotic and impoverished of the two.

But something will have to be done. Russian influence in Siberia is melting away as the Great Russian population continues to shrink, and the Chinese are busy infiltrating their excess population into Siberia illegally. Like vultures waiting for the prey to die, the Chinese are preparing to annex Siberia into a Greater China. Annexation by the U.S. or Canada may be the only acceptable option.

But America will probably not have the money to secure so vast a territory, and given draconian environmental regulations it seems doubtful that much of the territory would see any real development. Surely the Gang Green will try to turn it into some sort of world park. And then we'll be bring in OSHA, HUD, HEW, and the rest of the alphabet madness that has turned the United States into an economic invalid.

But perhaps it could offer us some new opportunities? I have long advocated sending illegal aliens from Latin America to Siberia, and we will need new people to colonize this vast frontier. We will no longer be forced to play hide-and-seek with millions of illegals, offering them an amnesty to settle in the new American west. I'd much prefer hard working Mexican and Central American settlers to Chicoms there.

Also, perhaps we can give the American Left what it always wanted; bringing Russia to America!  We can settle them somewhere in Siberia, and if times get too contentious break the Asian part of the U.S. off, letting the Progressives have their political commissars and politburos in the land that has always known them, while we can keep the American Experiment.

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one!  Of course, the Siberian People would be just as likely to kick their sorry butts out...

At any rate, America isn't the country it once was, and I doubt we could expand in the fashion that our forefathers did. The lawyers and bankers and bureaucrats would get their grubby paws on that land and turn it into, well, Siberia. I doubt any good would come of such an annexation.

It's a pity we aren't the men our fathers had been.

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