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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Eurasian Common Market?

Timothy Birdnow Vladimir Putin aka the Riddler has proposed a Eurasian Common Market. According to Pravda: "Putin makes global proposition to Europe. 47516.jpeg President Vladimir Putin believes that the level of cooperation between Russia and the EU does not correspond to the potential of the parties. Putin invites the Europeans to create a joint market that would stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Putin said during a session at the Foreign Ministry that "we could put an ambitious goal with Europe - to build the joint market from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean in the amount of trillions of euros," Interfax reports." End excerpt. The European Common Market was the precursur to the European Union. Putin undoubtedly understands this fact. He undoubtedly understands that Russia would be a dominant player - if not THE dominant player - in such a market due to her oil and gas resources, her nuclear arsenal, and her other natural resources. Putin is trying to backdoor the old Soviet ambition of hegemony, what George Orwell called, well, Eurasia (as opposed to Eastasia and Oceania, which included "Airstrip One, or Britain). Don't take this proposal too lightly; with the dominoes about to fall in Europe and her bankrupt Democratic Socialist system the idea of forming a confederation with Russia may appear far more attractive - especially since the European sugar daddy (the United States) is shrinking in power at an alarming rate. Europe needs a protector, having lost the ability to actually protect itself, and it needs raw materials and energy resources. Russia would make a fine big brother, with the military power to "defend" Europe. Russia also has good relations with the Islamic terror masters of Syria and Iran - something sure to appeal to appeasement-minded European leaders. Mr. Obama has made it plain he has no interest in foreign affairs, and that he is willing to appease Russia as well as China. New ties to Putin and the Bear would actually be a sensible diplomatic move for the E.U. So Eurasia may be reaching the point of conception. How long before we in the North American Union say "we have always been at war with Eurasia"?

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