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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Obama at War with America

Timothy Birdnow

We have a local conservative radio station here in St. Louis, and the afternoon slot is taken by a libertarian-leaning fellow named Dave Glover who does a morning d.j. type show (sans music). He's actually quite entertaining and a bright fellow (he occasionally fills in for Glenn Beck on his radio show). But yesterday he was riled up about a station-run poll of listeners in which over 80% said they believe Obama is purposely trying to wreck the country, and Glover just couldn't wrap his mind around it. He claimed that Leftists hate Obama, and he thinks that alone shows Obama is not one of them. He thinks we just have a disagreement with this man.

Wrong, and I sent him the following message:

This is not just a difference of opinion with this guy. Look at his life and past associations.

His grandfather was good friends with Frank Marshall Davis, a CPUSA member, who acted as a father figure to young Barry. Obama spent his college days seeking out the radical chic, by his own admission. He attended Columbia (a notoriously left-wing school) then headed to Chicago, which is the capital of Marxism in the United States. He went to work for ACORN, and was recruited into politics by David Axelrod, a red diaper baby with ties to the Marxist Policy Studies Institute and others. He was good friends with Marxist revolutionary William Ayers and Bernardine Doehrn, and attended church at Trinity with Jeremiah Wright. He is a communist, plain and simple.

And as such he wants to bring the Revolution to America. Read Cloward and Piven; overload the system and collapse it. That is precisely what Obama is doing. If you understand revolutionary thinking his every action makes perfect sense. He is not a stupid man.

You should discuss this with your friend Glenn Beck. He has done a lot of the work connecting the dots. Read the book Masters of Audacity and Deceit by William Been to understand the economic crisis of '08, and how the marxists put this into play. They had been planning Obama for a long time.

But, you argue, socialists hate him. Really? Bear in mind that Trotsky wound up with an icepick in his brain in Mexico because he was a marxist but a different kind than Stalin. Bear in mind the Bolsheviks butchered the Mensheviks, S.R.'s, kadets, and other communists after the October Revolution. Bear in mind the hatred the Bolsheviks had for the Fascists and Nazis, who were equally leftists but of a different variety (actually, Obama has a tinge of the Brown about him rather than the Red, which is undoubtedly why these guys don't like him.) I fear that argument is undefensible.

Barack Obama is a revolutionary. He wants to break America down and rebuild it along socialist lines. In that regard he sees himself as a patriot, and thinks he is bequeething a better world to his children. But you have to break some eggs to make an omelet. Think of how many people believed that in Russia in 1917 or Germany in 1933.


Timothy Birdnow

The Obama Presidency is not just of a different opinion of what is best for America, but is a would-be revolution. These are the hard-core types in power.

This is war. If we fail to understand that we fail to understand what we are up against. History is littered with the corpses of nations where the average people failed to understand this simple fact.

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