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Monday, March 12, 2012

On Step towards Impeachment?

Timothy Birdnow with help from Ron De Haan:

Impeachment bill now in Congress

To clarify for those who have not seen this, the bill is not a writ of impeachment but a resolution to impeach the President IF he goes to war in Syria without Congressional approval. The Administration recently stated that they would go to war in Syria if the international community authorized it, but were not concerned with Congressional approval. One Republican(Walter Jones) from North Caroline sponsored a bill saying the Obama would be impeached if he did that.

Not holding my breathe over this.

There are at least six impeachable offenses that Congress has ignored thus far: tampering with the Kenyan constitution to impose abortion (the U.S. may not use public funds to promote abortion overseas.), Operation Gunrunner, refusing to prosecute the New Black Panthers, violating the War Powers Act in Libya, making recess appointments while Congress was stilll in session, and refusing to obey a number of court orders - including restarting Gulf oil drilling. There are doubtlessly more, but any one of these would bring a Presidency down in a saner time. Each and every one constitutes a violation of law, a "high crime and misdomeaner"

If Congress wouldn't impeach over Libya or the recess appointments they aren't going to over one more violation of War Powers. On the other hand, this may at least lay the groundwork for post-election efforts. Maybe. The GOP should have been laying this groundwork all along. But they are cowards; they simply won't impeach the first black President, and they just impeached Clinton.

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