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Thursday, August 09, 2012

American Decline

Timothy Birdnow Anyone seeking proof that America is declining under Barack Hussein Obama need only take notice of this; according to Pravda, the Australians are beefing up their military capabilities to counter the Chinese. Australia has been in an enviable position; safe from aggressors near her shores and secure in the knowledge that the mother country and, more importantly, the United States was on duty, keeping aggressors at bay. That Australia should decide to beef up her armed forces shows that the Land Down Under has lost faith in America's will to protect them. This is interesting in that it follows similar decisions in other countries. For instance, the Phillippines. America's foreign influence is disappearing faster than a plate of barbewqued ribs at a White House Labor Day celebration. (Canine ribs for Mr. O perhaps?) What goes unsaid is the danger of the world's policeman suddenly being off the beat; in bygone days the loss of influence by a world power occurred gradually, and the time lag was sufficient to make such powerloss asymptotic with the rise of a decent replacement. Not now; the world moves too fast, and America was simply too powerful a leader to replace. This signals an extremely dangerous time, because the aggressive will not hold back if they feel the U.S. will not stop them. What is to stop North Korea from threatening Japan with nuclear weapons? What is to stop Pakistan from seizing Kasimir and fighting Jihad against India? What will stop Iran from striking Israel? In the past the threat of U.S. intervention stayed many a hand. No more. Will Russia simply reach out and grab her old Soviet empire? There is nothing more dangerous than a place where law and order have broken down. It is far worse than a place that has consistently been in a state of anarchy, because then the rules are established and the means to protect onesself is understood. In a pplace where law fails the conditions are far more grim. It becomes every man for himself. That is what the decline and fall of the United States means to the world. And that is exactly what the Obama regime is hell bent on engineering. Obama believes America has been too powerful, too unilateral, and that the U.N. will step up and take over where the U.S. no longer treads. He is a utopian, a dangerous utopian with globalist ideas and fanciful notions of world brotherhood and the perfectability of Man. He sees the U.S. as the last holdout to the establishment of the Kingdom Age of world governance and peace, and if only the U.S. can be removed the bellicose and aggressive will see the folly of their ways and join in the great chorus of Kumbaya. There will be a chorus if he succeeds; a chorus of guns blazing, bombs exploding, and people dying by the millions. Only a total fool would believe that removing America's authority will make the world a better place. Pax Romana gave the world, well, not justice but a form of peace, which made it possible for many to live and prosper. For better or worse Rome held the forces of chaos and destruction at bay. When Rome fell the situation in Western Europe disintegrated, and there were countless deaths, countless random acts of violence, destruction on a continental scale. And Rome was not even as powerful as the state of Rhode Island by comparison; RI could field a militia against the vaunted Roman legions that would completely annihilate the scourge of the ancient world. How much worse, with modern technology, will be the dark age that follows American collapse?

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