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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Wild Rice

(Is a presidential bid for Dr. Rice a good idea?)

John Tabin, one of my favorite political analysts, has a piece in the American Spectator Online in which he lays out the arguments against a Presidential bid for Condoleeza Rice. It is a must read.

Matt May, freelance writer and fellow American Thinker alumnus, has a defense of the Draft Condi movement in the Thinker. He makes some really good points and you should check it out.

My own view on the matter is that Dr. Rice is far too inexperienced as a political campaigner, and that while she may have experience as a manager she doesn`t have practical experience governing. I really like Dr. Rice, and think she could well be a political force to reckon with-but not now. I don`t believe for a minute that she (or anyone) can walk into the Presidency from an appointed position in the current era. It`s hard enough for Senators to win the Presidency (or be effective); I don`t believe for a moment that Condi would have a chance. She needs seasoning-preferably running a State for a few years.

I also don`t like throwing away a natural advantage the Republicans have; a Rice/Clinton race would guarantee a woman President, and I think that would take away the disadvantage Hillary would have among certain segments of the voting public-especially elderly voters. Given that the last couple of Presidential elections have been nip and tuck, I think this could be a critical factor. I don`t believe Dick Morris` theory that a black woman would have an edge because of race. Quite the opposite, I believe blacks don`t like Dr. Rice at all and will turn out against her in droves to punish what they perceive as a turncoat.

Anyway, read these two articles for yourself. They are both worthwhile reads, and they can help shed some light on this issue now, before the bandwagons start a-rollin`. Is Dr. Rice the wildcard the Republicans need or is she a monumental mistake waiting to happen? You decide!



Blogger Aussiegirl said...

It's late tonight so I'll read those columns tomorrow. I completely concur, Condi is just grand, but she's not ready to run for president for all the reasons you already so expertly laid out.

8:44 PM  

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