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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A Warm Welcome

John Tabin sends a warm welcome to Pope Benedict XVI today on his blog. I`m very encouraged to see that many Jewish folks are happy with the selection of Ratzinger as Pope. As a Catholic, I may be too close to the situation to give a proper evaluation, and so I`m glad to hear people of other faiths taking an honest, hard look and liking what they see. As John points out, Church teaching on some issues may not apply to him, but there are many issues which the Church will be dealing with that do. We all profit from a Godly Pope, and we all suffer from a bad one; our world really is interconnected. From what I know about Pope Benedict XVI, I suspect we all (conservatives of all faiths, that is) will be pleased with the new pontiff. (I hope and pray that the liberals won`t be nearly as pleased as we will be!)

For those of you who haven`t read anything by John Tabin, you are missing out! John is a freelance writer and frequent American Spectator contributor, and is one of the brightest people I`ve had the privelege to read! You should read back through his archives-it will reward you handsomely!



Blogger Esther said...

The ADL is really into him too. Congrats on getting your new Pope!! And condolences on Pope John Paul II -- he was very special indeed. A great friend to the Jews. We appreciated his courage.

11:17 AM  

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