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Tuesday, April 19, 2005


This also from the Federalist Patriot:

There is no way to check the veracity of this letter to the editor, but I thought it worth putting up anyway. I have never believed for one minute that Saddam did not have those WMD`s, and I believe our top people know exactly what happened to them, but are afraid to tell us. The worst case scenario occured, in my opinion! I don`t believe the entire world`s intelligence was that wrong! Everybody said there was huge stockpiles of weapons, and then they weren`t there? I have a hard time believing that! Anyway, here it is:

"I keep reading that there are no WMD's in Iraq -- but that claim is patently false. My unit has found many WMD's -- silk-worm missiles with sarin gas, for example. Soldiers have been killed trying to disarm these weapons. We find the weapons in small numbers -- 2 or 3 at a time, here and there, which does not constitute 'stockpiles,' but WMD ARE here." --USA, Iraq



Blogger Aussiegirl said...

Hmmm - curioser and curioser. I've been wondering the same thing myself. And I wondered why the Bush administration was so quick to simply say -- "Oops -- no WMD -- sorry." -- when there are many plausible scenarios and also evidence that most of them were moved by the Russians into Syria. What gives? And who or what is the Bush administration trying to protect with this patent deception?

4:56 PM  

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