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Monday, July 25, 2005

Another Environmental Shakedown

Our old friend David Hogberg has a terrific piece in TAS this morning about yet another environmentalist scam. Great read!

For all of David`s fans, you may be wondering what happened to his website, Hog Haven; he is very busy with other (more lucrative) writing and so had to close his site. It really is a pity; Hog Haven was one of my very favorities! I decided to leave it on the blogroll because it is still a terrific resource. You have access to all of David`s writings, including his social security pieces (which are without peer) so you can find the information you need to defeat liberal spin.

Also, Todd from Village Fool has shut down his site for a while. I removed him from the blogroll until he returns-he is just too busy to devote any time to his blog. I`ll keep you posted.

Finally, Shawn Macomber has left The American Spectator. He was tired of fighting political battles, and intends to do more with the music/cultural scene. You can still find him at Return of the Primitive.

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