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Thursday, August 25, 2005

I Do Not Like Green Spam, I Do Not Like It Sam-I-Am

I received this in my e-mail yesterday, and I decided to post it up for everyone to look at if they wish. It is a website dedicated to ``action against global warming`` and came addressed to ``dear Sir or Madam``. Either this was some kind of spam triggered by my last Climate Change post, or more likely it was sent by a liberal reader-Dadahead is my prime candidate.

If this was sent by a liberal, I suppose they thought that this site disproves my accusations against the Climate Change Theories as pseudoscience. On the contrary, it seems to me that this proves many of my accusations; most of the ``evidence`` cited is either some University grant-type study bemoaning a fraction of a degree rise, or is something which presents dubious linkage. For example, the lead post is about satellite photos of glacial retreat in the Arctic. This is supposed to prove that the ice caps are melting because of manmade global warming, and we must end our industrial civilization if we are to survive. What the Enviros fail to mention is that glaciers expand and retreat all of the time, and of course they are shrinking since the sun is reaching a peak in its temperature cycle. This is natural. The Earth was several degrees warmer during the Mideval Warming Period, and the ice-caps didn`t melt and flood the Earth then, as these people would have you believe is about to happen now. Did the glaciers receed some? Of course they did. Did they come back during the mini-ice age? Absolutely.

Quite frankly, getting rid of the ice caps might actually be a blessing to Mankind since the frozen wastes of Siberia and the Northwest Territories of Canada, as well as Greenland, Baffin Island, Antarctica, etc. would then be in the grain belt. Oh, and Darwinism says species will evolve to fit the new conditions so why do we worry our tiny little noggins about Climate Change causing extinctions? It`s survival of the fittest, and we and our symbiotes (wheat, corn, apples, squash, horses, cattle, etc.)are top dog!

At any rate, please check out this site on climate change, and perhaps leave a comment or two. Liberals are always afraid to debate the facts; I welcome the debate! For resources to balance the Global Warming scaremongers, try going to Junk Science, or Tech Central Station or check out Robert Bidinotto at Econot. You also might want to catch David Hogberg at Greenwatch.



Blogger Alnot said...

Thanks for posting some resources. Miss Tina now has a siggy that states the "climate is an angry beast waiting to devour us" or some such nonsense. I just wonder if angry beast tastes better fried or frozen.

2:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Had a look at the site on climate change, thought it would be bullshit. Turns out there are a few interesting links, perticularly the ones on "climate change science" which contain documents by some pretty qaulified looking people about what might happen, and how likely it all is.
I think you might like to check out climate change resources for some real info instaed of opinions. never thought i`d get into climate change, but its scary stuff!

5:05 PM  

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