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Monday, August 22, 2005

Technical Woes and a New Blog

At the suggestion of GM Roper from GM`s Corner I decided to try to install a trackback feature here at Birdblog. As usual, it did not work.

I first went to Holoscan which has a code that is to be inserted in the Template. I created a test blog (so as not to screw Birdblog up too badly) and inserted the code; it worked beautifully! I then tried the same thing on Birdblog, only to find that nothing happened. I wasn`t sure exactly where on the template I was supposed to insert the code (the directions said in the comments link between blogger and /blogger, and I`ve done this but it did not work. Any advice on the subject would be greatly appreciated.

So as not to waste my test blog, I`ve created Birdblog`s Literary Corner which will be a site dedicated to my great literary pieces-poetry and any other non-non fiction (if I may coin a phrase). I`ve posted a number of poems there for your amusement.

Also, there will be no pictures of the kitten posted here soon. I borrowed a digital camera from a coworker, snapped some really good shots, and gave it back to him so he could e-mail me the pics. He said that when he went to download them in his computer they erased! Oh, well, I knew it was too good to be true...



Anonymous GM Roper said...

Actually Amigo, it did work. When you click on comments, you will see the trackback link. Chances are that you put the two in different spots.

When I was using Blogger, I did the same thing, so what to do? Bring both up, click on View at the top of your browser, click on "View Source" print and compare both line by line. I'm willing to bet you will find the difference.

Cheers. And now I can track back. ;-)

5:46 AM  
Blogger Gindy said...

I have been wanting to install trackback as well. But, have the same concerns about messing with my site.

10:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aussiegirl here -- for some reason blogger is not accepting my comments or identifying me as Aussiegirl. Oh, well. I have a question -- what the heck is trackback and why do I want it? Or do I? And I have another question if there are technical people on here -- I recently added a contributor to my blog who often posts articles. Since I did that the "About Me" description of myself on the homepage disappeared and the names of the two contributors now appears in its place. Is there some way I could restore my profile description on the home page?

Good luck, Tim -- at least it looks like your trackback works, not that I know what that means.

7:48 AM  

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