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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A Planned Partisan Attack in Crawford

Byron York, writing in NRO today, shows that Cindy Sheehan is more than the distraught mother she pretends to be. Professional protest organizer Lisa Fithian has been with her since before the beginning, putting the lie to the claim that Sheehan did this on her own accord out of grief.

I suspected as much; Cindy Sheehan comes across as an aging hippie still fighting the Power and Vietnam. I never believed that her protest was anything but a politically motivated stunt, and I suspected there were leftist forces behind her from the beginning. What mother would so dishonor her child in that child`s name as Ms. Sheehan has done? Only a frothing-at-the-mouth partisan would essentially spit on their kids grave. Cindy`s son was a volunteer, and he died for what he believed in. Cindy has besmirched everything her son fought and died for, and has done so publicly and repeatedly.

That the mainstream press has failed to mention the minor detail of Lisa Fithian`s presence speaks volumes, both about the complete bias of the media and about what is really happening on that dusty road outside of Crawford.

This is yet more proof that we need regime change in the media.

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