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Monday, October 17, 2005

Piracy and Spiritual Darkness

According to the Christian Science Monitor, piracy is on the rise in Africa, and the target appears to be relief aid!

This should come as no surprise; the warlords of Africa have been basically doing this for years. ``Confiscation`` of foreign aid is an old trick, with little of the food and medicine actually reaching the intended receiver. This has been exacerbated by the interference of the United Nations, which has shown itself hopelessly corrupt. (Did anyone believe otherwise?) That acts of piracy should be on the rise should not surprise us; piracy and terrorism share many of the same characteristics, and terrorism has clearly been rising for the last twenty years. (They both have the same solution, provided nations have the will to use it.)

The problems in Africa are as much spiritual as economic. Africa is enthralled by tribalism and paganism, with Islam thrown in. There is no moral restraint on stealing or killing because there is no overarching spiritual prohibition. Law is maintained by force of arms, and a ``might makes right`` mentality prevails all too often. This viewpoint is incompatable with the western concept of the rule of law, which itself is the product of a moral populace, which ultimately originates in our Judeau-Christian heritage. Africa lacks this. Africa also lacks other unifying features-such as common culture, capitalism, consensus government, etc. As a result, much of Africa is cursed with anarchy or despotism.

This article goes on to berate the United States for not merely giving cash to aid agencies, but rather requiring food be purchased here and shipped overseas. The author states:

Clay argues that "tied" aid also ties the hands of relief officials. In Niger, he says, the recent crisis could have largely been averted if aid agencies had more cash to supplement hungry people's food purchases. "It could have been resolved locally," he says. Critics, however, worry that cash can too easily go missing on this corrupt continent.

The Bush Administration is backing a provision to "un-tie" much of US food aid. But critics say it would wreck along and profitable partnership among US farmers, agribusiness processors, shippers, and aid agencies that has created the largest food-aid program in the world. (In 2004, the US gave 4.2 million tons out of 7.5 million tons of global food aid, according to UN figures.) The plan looks unlikely to pass Congress.

Why on Earth would we consider sending money with no strings attached? Why did we institute this policy to begin with? Because cash can be stolen, and we saw food aid being diverted into the pockets of numerous people including aid workers and warlords, who used the money to buy weapons rather than food for the hungry. In point of fact, it can be argued that foreign aid given in this manner only exacerbates the problem, since corrupt governments needn`t worry about their citizens as they know the international community will come to their aid. Giving FOOD as opposed to money is the only sensible approach.

This problem is never going to be solved until major reforms occur on the African continent. The tribalism and militarism must come to an end. Power, greed, and domination now rule here, and these corrupt governments will only be superceded by more corrupt governments unless things change. That change must be spiritual.

We desperately need to bring the Bible to Africa. (For that matter, we need to restore it to America.)

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