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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Immigration Problems in Russia and a Modest Proposal

According to Pravda, the Russians are about to institute a guest worker program for illegal aliens. This ill-thought out strategy, borrowed from President Bush no doubt, seriously threatens the long term stability of Russia, and imperils the eastern flank of Western Civilization.

I suppose Presidents Bush and Putin did more than gaze lovingly into each-other`s eyes and looking into their alter-ego`s souls; they seem to have passed half-baked ideas back and forth. One of President Bush`s worst ideas was the guest-worker program, and Putin seems to have caught the bug. The problem with guest-worker programs is that, by rewarding illegal immigration, it encourages more of it. Russia, after enacting supply-side reforms, has experienced an economic boom, and is looking for cheap labor. At the same time, Russia is being flooded by illegal immigrants from the Caucasus and from China, and Putin is unsure about how to respond to this situation. He shouldn`t listen to our President on this (he didn`t listen about terrorism or Iraq) as President Bush has an extraordinarily myopic view.

If illegal immigration is threatening the social fabric of the United States, it is threatening to destroy the far more fragile system in place in Russia. Without a firmly established Rule of Law, any group which attains sufficient numbers can claim the right to self-government, and will either have to be dealt with through force of arms or be allowed to dismantle Russia piecemeal. Russia has a declining population, and every immigrant who goes there REPLACES a Russian. They do not, as here in the States, melt into the pot, but rather retain their cultural identity. This is a point that must be understood; as the Russians recede, the immigrants rise. (That`s not to say that legal immigrants-especially from traditionally associated nations-don`t have a proper role in Russia.) How long can a nation absorb an alien culture before it collapses? Russia already had a large Islamic community, and the Chechens have been in rebellion for years. Russia has suffered her share of terrorism, yet Putin has maintained a policy of anti-Americanism and easy immigration. He should take a hard look at what is happening in France.

The real danger to Russia lies not along the Islamic frontiers, but to the east. China has actually stated that they covet Siberia, and they have been filtering pioneers into Russian territory steadily. Their plan is Texification; settle large numbers of Chinese on uninhabited Russian land, then secede from Russia and be annexed by China. From the standpoint of English estate law there is really nothing wrong with that; here in America we hold the ``right of Adverse Possession`` which states that a squatter can take property from the rightful owner if the rightful owner fails to use it, or evict the squatter. (This is why America has been composed of small farms rather than great estates as in Latin America.) Russia has failed to settle or utilize Siberia. The Chinese feel they have the right to take it.

China, however, has positioned itself as our mortal enemy, and we must do all in our power to prevent such growth. Russia must be supported in this, or we will find Chinese in control of all of Asia (much like the Japanese had sought to do before WWII.) We have to talk the Russians out of this crazy cheap labor scheme! We have to talk ourselves out of it, too!

A thought occurs to me (I have them occasionally); perhaps we should settle these lands in the Russian Far East! America has long been a pioneering nation, and the closing of the frontier has profoundly disaffected the character of the Nation. Easternmost Russia-Kamchatka and the like-are mostly empty and of little use to Tsar of Moscow; perhaps we could have another Seward`s Folly! I once read that most farmers in this country are forced to rent land until their parents die, and then if more than one sibling wants the farm they are simply SOL. We could offer cheap land for sale in Siberia to these luckless sod busters. We could have special amnesty programs for non-violent criminals (a form of internal exile) if they settle there. We could even offer illegal immigrants from Mexico the choice of going back or moving on to settle Kamchatka. Settlers in Texas were offered ``a league and a labor``, a league for cattle, a labor for farming-4605 acres total. Maybe we could offer the same deal in eastern Siberia.

Alaska was once Russian territory, and became our 49th State; why shouldn`t we expand the United States across the Bering Sea, and begin bringing Asia into the blessings which God has afforded us? We have been idle for far too long.

If Putin wants to avoid surrendering Siberia, he had better rethink his policies.



Blogger Alnot said...

The consequences of a terrible sin like abortion are what I call reaping what you have sown. In this case the destruction of your nation and culture. America should take heed unless we want more of the same consequences.

9:05 AM  
Blogger Timothy Birdnow said...

I couldn`t agree more, Al; the West is dying because it has killed too many of it`s children, and now others are taking over.

Great point!

1:58 PM  
Blogger TJ Willms said...

The weakest link in the Guest worker program is enforcement, and what happens if the Guest doesn't go home after his seven years of welcome has run out.

It is never spelled out in any discussions on the subject that I have seen. President Bush offers the carrot in his proposal but never even alludes to what the “stick” might be. He appears on the surface to want all the pleasant aspects of legitimizing a cheap labor force at the perpetual disposal of business interests, without having to acknowledge his responsibility for allowing our borders to remain totally porous.

“All good and no Bad” Seems to be his philosophy and is one worthy of your run of the mill Democrat. The majority of their policy decisions seem to be based on this kind of unrealistic supposition.

Bad border control policy doesn’t change the essential nature of the way the world works regardless of who is at the helm in the White House, or the Kremlin.

There can be no light without darkness.

6:50 AM  

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