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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Feeding Leviathan

Peggy Noonan (someone I normally don`t care for) makes an important point:

"Money is power, more money for the government is more power for the government. More power for the government will allow it to, among many other things, amuse itself by putting its fingers in a million pies, and stop performing its essential functions well, and get dizzily distracted by nonessentials, and muck up everything. Which is more or less where we are."

The explosive growth of government began with the income tax (one of the planks in the road to communism, according to Karl Marx) and every new tax added has allowed government to become ever more intrusive. (An interesting historical point; taxation was one of the factors leading to the Civil War-the United States imposed tariffs to protect Northern manufacturing, and this hurt the South by inflating the cost of manufactured goods, which they could obtain cheaper from England. The tariff lead to increasingly bad feelings between North and South-and increased the strength of the Federal government which the Southerners would see as oppressive. The first rumblings of secession began when South Carolina instituted the policy of ``nullification`` in which the state legislature simply nullified any Federal laws it did not like within the boundaries of the state. South Carolina nullified the tariffs, leading Andrew Jackson to seek the Force Act, which allowed Jackson to compel that state to comply with Federal law through force of arms. Is it any wonder that South Carolina was the first state to secede?)

Defund the leviathan, and it will shrink back down to a squid. We need an end to the oppression of Income Tax.

(Thanks to the Federalist Patriot)



Blogger Aussiegirl said...

Starve the beast -- like Ronald Reagan did.

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