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Saturday, June 17, 2006

That Lesbian Mother Nature

I just don`t understand what homosexuality has to do with the environment:

An internal memo recently circulated at the Environmental Protection Agency informs employees that "Pride, Not Prejudice" is the theme of this year's gender-disorientation pride month, an event that the EPA intends to celebrate in high style, courtesy of federal tax dollars. The EPA's own Diversity Program for Sexual Orientation and the "EPA-approved Chapter of Gay, Lesbian, Or Bisexual Employees (GLOBE)," have planned events that include an opening ceremony at the Ronald Reagan Building and speakers such as Equality Canada's executive director, Gilles Marchildon.

As a result of the EPA's efforts, organizations such as the American Family Association are organizing its members to call for the cessation of such programs at taxpayer expense. The Patriot has also published The Homosexual Agenda and The Christian Response ( that provides context for understanding sexual deviancy and addresses the familial origins and pathology of such deviance, the political, cultural and social normalization agenda of homosexual practitioners, the conflict this agenda has created within the Christian Church, and an appropriate Christian response.

I suppose Gaia must be a lesbian!

This illustrates the connectedness of liberal ideology; the EPA promoting ``gay pride`` at taxpayer expense is the equivelent of the Pentagon promoting celibacy among teens-they are completely unrelated, except for a certain philosophical amicus. The left has always used whatever means, foul or fair, to advance their agenda, and the EPA has liberal roots. That is one of the things which so offends non-libs; they will cram their beliefs down everybody`s throats, and make the cramee PAY FOR IT! Neither Jerry Falwell nor Pat Robertson has ever done anything comparable.

...And Liberals wonder why middle America can`t stand them!

(Thanks to the Federalist)

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