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Monday, July 10, 2006

The Revenge of the CIA

The ever brilliant Clarice Feldman illustrates the likelihood of a CIA action against the Bush Administration via a letter from the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee to Mr. Bush.

The President brought Porter Goss to clean up what has become an unworkable institution, and then allowed his ``janitor`` to be forced out and his reforms undone. When will Mr. Bush realize that he cannot win over those people through compromise and bonhomme? Washington is not Austin, and the career people in charge of many of these institutions think they are the ones who should be making policy. It was up to the President to correct that through his appointments. Unfortunately, he left many of the Clinton people in office (the people who politicized these institutions to begin with) and have had them working against him ever since.

He needed to take a firmer hand in 2000; his weakness in dealing with disobedient subordinates has cost him dearly over the years, and will probably cost his party in years to come.

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