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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Western Masochism

Vasko Kohlmayer illustrates the madness of Modernity in the West at the American Thinker.

We always speak of a ``blame America first`` crowd; the reality is that modern Liberalism hates all of Western culture, and it`s a ``blame Westernism first`` crowd that dominates in so many circles. If the choice comes down to blaming the culture which spawned and nurtured them, or blaming ferocious medieval religious zealots who hate everything they themselves stand for, they`ll blame our culture every time!

When Adolph Hitler first ascended to power, groups on both the Left and the Right supported him. They believed he and the Nazi Party were fools and could be utilized as tools to eliminate the opposition, after which he would just go away. Hitler showed them exactly who the fools were! We face a similar situation in regards to the Islamic World today; many in the Left see Jihad as a tool to eliminate the ``corrupting influences`` of the Conservative, Christian West. Once Western Civilization is broken, they believe, Islam will retreat before their superior intellect and enlightened policies. Then, with the old world gone, they can set forth for the shining collectivist utopia which only THEY can build!

More the fools-they!

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