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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Friendly Southern Brother

Our ``friends`` in Mexico have been helping Islamic terrorists enter the country illegally, in addition to flooding the borders with their poor and their criminals. Is war with Mexico inevitable? That`s what William Calhoun believes. Read about it at The Common Conservative.

Everyone in this country needs to understand that what is happening in the Southwest is a carefully calculated strategy by Mexico to destroy us. We ``stole`` the Southwest and Texas (according to the Mexicans) by sending in settlers who overwhelmed the local population. That the Mexican government had encouraged Americans to settle their virtually unpopulated lands (they could never get people to come into Texas because of the Indians and the proximity to French lands)and that the government then became oppressive to the ``unwanted`` Americans never occurs to them. They think we stole those places and they intend to steal them back via a flood of illegal aliens. Of course, if they manage to take some extra territory away in the process...

This is an invasion. We have to see this for what it is; it is not merely an economic policy, it is a preplanned operation whereby Mexico will outbreed the ``gringo`s`` for the sole purpose of annexation. When this point is understood it doesn`t surprise that they are helping terrorists; ultimately they see us as very foolish enemies.

History has a tendency to work this way; the collapse of the Soviet Union and her Eastern Block allies left a major power vacuum which many disparate groups are stepping in to fill. That these disparate groups are all gunning for the world`s lone superpower should come as no surprise. The Islamic World is endeavoring to resume their interrupted campaign of world conquest, the Chinese are asserting the ``Middle Kingdom``, and Mexico hopes to settle an old score with the United States. Competent statesmenship would be able to deal with these problems, but this country lacks competent statesmen. Like the antebellum period, or the period leading up to the guns of 1914 in Europe, America is suffering from a serious lack of leadership-largely because the collapse of the Soviets and the ``end of history`` lead to a ``silly summer season`` in which Americans paid little attention to what was happening in the world, electing Bill Clinton to be the national governor and generally abdicating responsibility. Then too, America is increasingly decadent, and this weakens our resolve while encouraging our enemies.

All of our enemies know how divided we are; they watch American television, too. They see our weakness, our lack of resolve which stems from our collective naval-gazing, our narcissism and love affair with liberals. They know the media is more concerned about conservatives overthrowing the ancient regime than about protecting the nation from enemies.

So, everyone is willing to take their shot at us, knowing we won`t hit back.

We have real enemies in this world, and it`s time we realize that fact. Mexico is one of them.

I would agree with Mr. Calhoun, except I don`t know if we have the will to resist our friendly southern brother.

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