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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

``No Mas`` est No Bueno

Also in TAS this morning (I know; I`m going backwards), David Hogberg argues against the notion that a Republican loss of the House of Representatives would be beneficial to the party and the Conservative movement.

I`ve made that case, although I don`t actively advocate throwing the election; I think a Pelosi Speakership would be a purely partisan affair, and that this would severely damage Hillary Clinton`s chances in `08. I don`t think these people could get into power and NOT play to the Moveon/Soros/Michael Mooron crowd, and I think this will hurt them very badly in future elections. I also do not mind seeing a little pruning of the overgrown Republican Kudzu, forcing the fence-straddlers to obey us (and that includes George W. Bush). David makes the case that the Republicans may well draw the wrong conclusion, and turn against conservative policies-including the war. Of course, if our elected representatives are THAT dense, what does it say about the party we have been backing for decades?

Still, I think David is right; one should never simply mumble ``no mas`` in the middle of title fight-it`s a fast track to obscurity. My point is, if we lose we lose, and we can fight another day; it may not be the end of the world. I would hate to win a pyrrhic victory and hold the Congress now to lose the whole government in `08.

By the way, I really don`t think we are going to lose either chamber of Congress in November; the race is tightening, just as I thought it would. I think the American public is too smart to put that parliament of surrender-monkeys (the Democrats) in power during these momentous times. See my piece on the election of 1864.



Blogger William said...

I never thought ‘things were as bad as the looked.’ It just didn't make sense. Considering all the sources--where all the hype was coming from--a Democratic ‘sweep’ isn't in the cards. In general, and stating the obvious, the MSM doesn’t have a great deal of credibility with the general public. That’s why AM Radio and Internet news is so influential.
It’s that 32% of the hardcore Democrats/Leftists/Liberals who live and die by what shows up in the pages of the New York Times.

Recently, I read where the big deal for the Democratic/Leftist/Liberal movement is the documentary, rather docudrama. That is where their influence will come from--but I say they should think TWICE. Why should or would someone buy a ticket if they can get AM radio for free? The docudrama will only attract the True Believer, so how can that possibly be a political benefit?

The Republicans will survive November but the point is what will they do with the win?

9:11 AM  

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