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Friday, January 19, 2007

Sticks and Stones will Barack His Bones

The Clintonistas have launched their shock-and-awe campaign against Barack Hussein Obama with this revelation that O(bi-Wan)Bama was raised a Wahhabist.

(Being partly an Irish-Catholic meself, I suggest that the good Senator should have changed his name to Brock O`Bama, from the County Cook; he would have gotten a lot of Irish support, and perchance a wee bit of money which used to grace the IRA coffers. His skintone would have been no problem; ever hear of the Black Irish, lads?)

I wouldn`t want to be in his loafers now; the Clinton machine operates very much like a Crime Family, and I doubt Obama has the organization to combat them effectively. He`ll be Osama Bin-Laden`s long lost son before Hillary`s button men are through.

Thanks to Bob at Sweet Spirits of Ammonia!



Anonymous learner said...

What I dont see here is the fact once a muslim always a muslim. Is hillarious holding this card? The fact that his father and step father were muslims and he attended a muslim medressa (religious school)in the eyes of Islamic scholars makes him a muslim.If as he claims to be a Christian then that makes him an apostate and is therefore a marked man in the eyes of Islam as is written in chapter (sura) 2, verse 256 that there should be ‘no compulsion in religion.' Yet numerous sayings of Mohammed known as hadith which form the basis of Islamic Sharia law quote Mohammed as saying ‘If a Muslim discards his religion, kill him.'

9:35 AM  
Blogger Timothy Birdnow said...

Yeah, Hillary may get this guy killed for apostacy. I sure wouldn`t want to be in his shoes...

6:35 PM  

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