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Friday, January 26, 2007

Victory and Optimism

Wil Wirtanen gives his thoughts on Senator Webb`s Democrat rebuttal to the State of the Union Speech:

I am reading Triumph Forsaken by Mark Moyar. It is the first part of a projected two volume set on the Vietnam War. It is labeled as revisionist history since he debunks some of the stereotypical thoughts on the Vietnam War. He has over 80 pages of notes at the end of the book to support his views.

Anyway I came across a passage that made me think of Sen. Webb’s fact-less rebuttal to the SOTU speech.

Gen. Eisenhower at the end of 1942 reached the conclusion, without confidence, enthusiasm, and optimism in the command, victory is scarcely obtainable Optimism and pessimism are infectious and they spread more rapidly from the head downward than in any other direction. He goes on to say, I firmly determined that my mannerisms and speech in public would always reflect the cheerful certainty of victory-that any pessimism and discouragement I might ever feel would be reserved for my pillow.

It may sound that he wants to be delusional but I believe that he was not willing to accept defeat and was willing to do his all to obtain victory. A far cry from our current political leadership.

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