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Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Long Green Arm

As everyone probably now knows, weatherbabe Heidi (who but a lib or a Swiss is named Heidi?)Cullen from the apolitical Weather Channel has called for strongarm tactics to be used on ``Climate Change Deniers`` in the meteorological field. She wants to have their certification pulled if they disagree with her politically correct interpretation of recent weather patterns. She claims that anthropogenic (man-made)Global Warming is established science, and that anyone who disagrees has no right predicting next Tuesday`s weather. This should not surprise us; liberals, and GW enthusiasts in particular, have used this tactic effectively for a long time, and what Heidi Heidi Ho has Yodled from her Weather Channel perch falls in a venerable old tradition of the Left in their quest to dismantle the America we all know and love (or know and hate, as their case may be.)

As it turns out, Heidi featured Dave Roberts on her Dec. 17, 2006 show. Roberts, you may remember, is the writer for Gristmill Magazine who openly called for Nurenberg Trials for Climate Change Deniers. He stated;

When we've finally gotten serious about global warming, when the impacts are really hitting us and we're in a full worldwide scramble to minimize the damage, we should have war crimes trials for these bastards -- some sort of climate Nuremberg.

So, those who disagree about the science are war criminals, who should be executed for crimes against humanity!

Anyone who ever challenges the Gang Green`s views are labeled dupes of Exxon-Mobile, or fools, or mouthpieces for S. Fred Singer. We are told there are no credible scientists who disagree (although I can think of many) and that such things as the Leipzig Declaration, the Heidelberg Appeal, the Statement by Atmospheric Scientists, and the Oregon Petiton are full of false signatures and lies (you would think that out of 20,000 signiators it would be easy to prove.) We have Nancy Oreskes, a UC San Diego history professor who conducted a study in which she found no (zero) papers by climate scientists which disagreed with anthropogenic global warming. Benny Peiser disagreed (having read papers which contradicted her assertion) and submitted his own study to Nature magazine. Nature footdragged for weeks, then rejected the submission outright, claiming he had nothing new. GW enthusiasts use the fact that Peiser wasn`t peer reviewed to ``prove`` he was wrong-despite the fact that they wouldn`t allow him to be peer reviewed.

Liberals manipulate science to serve their interests all the time. Remember Sigmund Freud? Psychotherapy was used to justify the ``free love`` movement, which gave us the sexual revolution, abortion, rampant illegitimacy, homosexuality, venereal disease. Leftists grabbed onto Darwin to preach their doctrine of nihilism and atheism, and this gave us Social Darwinism (the idea that societies evolve via natural selection, which figured prominently in Fascism and Nazism) and Eugenics, which was at the core of Hitler`s Aryan fantasies, and Marxism (which Marx stated he invented by modeling Darwin`s theory.) We had Franz Boaz dispatching the young libertine Margaret Mead to Samoa to advance the free love movement, budding feminism, and the pseudoscience of sociology`s contention that Man is purely a product of his environment. We had DDT, Rachel Carson and ``Silent Spring``, which is responsible for the deaths of countless third world people from Malaria, we`ve been treated to Alar scares, Dioxin scares, etc. all because liberals want a more ``natural`` lifestyle. We`ve witnessed attempts to ban ``second hand smoke`` despite a complete dearth of any credible evidence that it causes any problems. We`ve had Global Cooling, Nuclear Winter, The China Syndrome (which stopped the U.S. nuclear industry cold), Bird Flu, the banning of Freon to stop Ozone depletion, the overprescription of Ridalin to control behavioral problems (and thus absolve left-wing discipline techniques of failure), etc. Now we have Global Warming.

Ignored completely are the pertinent facts; Mars and Pluto have been warming, we are in a period of extremely high sunspot activity-which means the Sun is hotter than in 15,000 years, the Earth`s albedo has been increasing due to cosmic ray activity, meaning greater cloud cover which is holding more heat near the surface. (Of course, we are talking about a mere 1* F. rise in the last hundred years.) True, some glaciers are melting, but an equal number are growing.

We don`t understand the variables which affect climate, it`s that simple. We don`t understand about variability in solar radiation, variability in the solar wind, variability in the Sun`s magnetic field mean to the climate. We don`t understand cosmic rays. We don`t know exactly what effects meteors have. The Earth revolves around the Sun, but it also wobbles as it does so. What does this mean? What about tidal forces from the Moon, the Sun, Jupiter? Volcanic activity affects climate, but in what ways? The composition of the atmosphere is only one factor among many, and we understand few of these variables. What about the absorption mechanisms for atmospheric gases? Will CO2 stay in the atmosphere for millions of years? (No) What about Methane? Water vapor is a greenhouse gas; what part do the oceans and ice caps have to play? What about radioactive decay inside the Earth? What about comets?

This system is so complex, we may never be able to predict precisely how things will work. We make models, but a model cannot be as descriptive as the real thing unless it is as complex as the system it is intended to describe. How far can we simplify our model before it loses validity? Given the overwhelming complexity we are dealing with, it is doubtful that we will be able to work out a viable model which can give us the information we want. That, of course, doesn`t matter to the liberals; the models they are using are works of fiction. They are Sesame Street on Ice; fun but having little to do with reality. Yet our learned friends demand we accept these imprecise constructs as Gospel truth.

So we shouldn`t be surprised when weatherbabe Heidi tries to strongarm those who disagree with her pet panic attack. The Climate Short Change people are becoming desperate, because they see reality overtaking them. The jig is up, and in their hearts they know it.

She will do her best to Heidi it, though! BEWARE THE LONG GREEN ARM!



Anonymous learner said...

I am just an average intelligence person but this is getting ridiculous. How can they try to make the claims they are making for global warming with no hard facts. I know a computer is only as smart as the programmer and that a computer programmer can bias a computer by the facts it gives the computer. The Ozone layer was discovered in 1917 and has only really been studied for what the last 40 years or so. I have read of the effect that herd or tribe behavior has on humans. We need to belong to herd or tribe. I wish the Gore tribe would fess up yo the fact that they are contributors to global warming through their flatulence and do the right thing.Before global warmers line cows up against the wall I want scientific research done to see if cow herds or tribes produce any more flatulence then the Gore tribe or herd does.

7:28 PM  
Anonymous Mike Austin said...

Excellent summation of the irrationality of the Left and what passes for 'science' there. It demonstrates that once one ceases to believe in God, one will believe in anything.

And let us not forget Stalin’s favorite biologist, Lysenko. He would be ‘green’ today and work for Al Gore.

Tim, do you have the sensation that its bizarre ‘reasoning’ and behavior is getting worse? As if the Left is spiraling ever downward into a madness from which it cannot return?

When I read the missives of Leftists, when I watch them in groups, when I observe their leaders, I have this feeling that I am in the presence of pure insanity.

It does not frighten, but it certainly shakes my confidence in the survival of our Republic. How can a free people survive when 40 percent or more of the citizenry are innocent of logic?

And it has nothing to do with intelligence. For example, Chomsky is one smart guy; smart, and mad as a hatter.

12:50 AM  
Blogger Timothy Birdnow said...

Learner, you are right; this is getting ridiculous! (I`ve noticed that often causes and fads that are fading away become increasingly ridiculous before the end.)

The hot CO2 emitted at one Al Gore rally is probably worth 20 years of industrial emissions. Then too, he flies around in his private jet, telling us we must live a simpler, poor life; what a hypocrite!

I like that herd business; it explains why people will jump on this kind of bandwagon.

Hey Mike, I don`t know if you read my January `05 piece on this very topic, but go to to see it.

The Left is clearly cracking up, no question about it. Their intellectual cancer has metastasized into a true psychosis!

Yeah, I had thought of including Lysenko in my laundry list, but our liberal friends always try to use him as proof that, somehow, their favorite pet theory wasn`t fundamental to communist ideology. (The left is good at that; Fascism and Nazism were clearly intellectual products of liberal philosophy, yet they have managed to smear conservatives with this label. They get very angry when I call them on it...)

One of the smartest people I have ever met suffered from schizophrenia; she was so bright, but couldn`t distinguish reality from madness. Crazy and stupid are definitely two different things.

Of coure, you are right about the Left`s particular madness; they have placed themselves on the regal lawnchair while dethroning God. That is indicative of insanity from the start, and it will only get worse.

5:11 AM  
Anonymous Mike Austin said...

Dear Tim: Superb article in American Thinker. Yes, the Left worships false gods, the real God being for them hard to swallow. Amazing, yes? Even with all of History as a witness to such blindness the Left marches on, oblivious to the Truth of the matter. Such a march always ends up in the camp, the oven, the gas chamber and the abortion mill.

For Moloch is a jealous god, and he will not tolerate any believing in the Real One.

12:15 AM  

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