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Friday, May 06, 2011

Fixing up Memorials to please the politically correct

Jack Kemp

Way back in 2005, I noticed a New York Times article calling for a memorial at Ground Zero in Manhattan which would include a diversity of opinions about the causes of that attack (it was an attack and not a lesser term that liberals use such as "tragedy"). Here is the original American Thinker blog piece.

One proposal begets another
June, 2005

Since the New York Times has editorialized in favor of a museum at the World Trade Center site which would allow all kinds of diverse political opinions, including those finding fault with America going back to the days of slavery and wars with the native population, I thought I'd call their bluff and propose their attitude be carried further to another memorial.

I propose that the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington, DC also include a model internment camp for Japanese-Americans as existed in many places in California during World War II, complete with historical interpreters (the name for actors who work in a museum setting). The FDR Memorial could also display the Coast Guard cutter that blocked the Jewish refugees from Nazi-occupied Europe from entering Miami's port, as portrayed in the book and movie "Ship of Fools." And, for good measure, it could show the famous photos of FDR with his cigarette holder in profile as being the cause of untold numbers of people throughout the world starting to smoke and dieing a horrible death and/or undergoing disfiguring operations because of the cancers they contracted.

Perhaps we could also have a group of Native Americans petitioning for the return of land at FDR's Hyde Park mansion. Heck, how about a display advocating for the return of Manhattan Island?

I'm sure both the Roosevelt family and all those with fond memories of President Roosevelt will gladly welcome the dialogue and diverse opinions - equally as much as the families of those who died in the World Trade Center would welcome displays concerning a dialogue and discussion of America's faults at Ground Zero.

Jack Kemp (not the politician) 6 26 05

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