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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

"Someone's at the Door"; Apologies for Light Blogging

Timothy Birdnow

My apologies for light blogging; I've been a bit lackadaisical do to the heat. Here in St. Louis we've had a couple of weeks of temperatures pushing or surpassing 100* and it's just not conducive to spending large amounts of time on the computer.

While I do my blogging in the mornings, the wife and I have been going out to eat (way too much) to avoid heating up the house, and we have been having drinks along with our food, so I haven't been up for being up these last weeks. Last night we went to a terrific Italian restaurant (Mangia) that has a 50% off wine special, so we enjoyed some fine fruit of the vine. Afterwards we stopped at a new watering hole that was quite interesting (Heavy Anchor) and where you could get both fine beer and the cheapest swill (I settled for a can of Olympia aka the cheapest swill because, well, it was cheap; I generally love fine craft beer but my pocketbook does not.) We came home and popped in a couple of episodes of the television series American Gothic.

(For those who do not know, American Gothic was a '90's series by Shawn Cassidy, of all people. Starring Gary Cole, it is the story about a creepy South Carolina town terrorized by a demonic entity in the form of the town sheriff [Cole] who seeks to corrupt a young boy, the product of his rape of a woman. He murders the boy's sister - who is catatonic, having witnessed the event - and arrests and then kills the boys father. The mother committed suicide when she realized she was the mother of a demon spawn. But the boy is not evil, and his dead sister protects him, along with his news reporter cousin from Charleston and the town doctor, a penitent alcoholic who crashed his car while drunk, killing his wife and child. This story about the reality of evil, about redemption and heroism, was one of the better shows to appear on the small screen, and I own the whole series. It was only on a couple of season

There is a chant that acts as a sort of motto for the show "someone's at the door" which the poor sister repeated endlessly while alive, her last words before Sheriff Lucas Buck raped her mother in front of her. On the show it was a warning that evil was coming. Whenever Obama's on television I preface it with "someone's at the door".

At any rate, all blogging roads lead to the lost debt battle, and I am quite fatigued with that subject, so it seemed a good time to just ride a lot of this out. Sorry; I know that you, my loyal readers, expect more, but I just haven't had it in me these days.

Jack Kemp, too, has been a bit quiet of late; he was really burning the candle at both ends on the 911 Film project, and he's taking a well-earned rest. I know it means the site has been a snoozer of late. I promise things will improve.

At any rate, please be patient; the times they are a-changin' and we'll be right here to fight Sheriff Barack O'Buck. Keep vigilang; someone is definitely at the door!

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