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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Swift Move

Dana Mathewson

Let me remind you of some ancient history. Remember the 2004 campaign, and the Swift Boaters who banded together and declared Kerry unfit to serve? Kerry's personal attack dog at the time was retired Navy Captain Wade R. Sanders, who had been one of the swift boat captains and who was the recipient of a Silver Star.

Well, about a year ago the Secretary of the Navy revoked that Silver Star -- an almost unheard-of action -- and it is beginning to look like Sanders may have faked his own Silver Star documentation.

Boy, these liberals will do just about anything, won't they? One thing that's unfortunate is the Navy's decision to keep the NCIS investigation of the matter under wraps. It would be nice to find out just how this low-life managed to walk around with that prestigious decoration for years. (Read the article to learn what other prominent Democratic polititian wheedled a Silver Star for basically showing up.)

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