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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Trees Remove more CO2 than Thought; Climate Alarmists in Retreat

Timothy Birdnow

The Global Warming alarmists are starting to hedge their bets. This from

"North American forests appear to have a greater capacity to soak up heat-trapping carbon dioxide gas than researchers had previously anticipated.

As a result, they could help slow the pace of human-caused climate warming more than most scientists had thought, a U-M ecologist and his colleagues have concluded.

The results of a 12-year study at an experimental forest in northeastern Wisconsin challenge several long-held assumptions about how future forests will respond to the rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide blamed for human-caused climate change, said University of Michigan microbial ecologist Donald Zak, lead author of a paper published online this week in Ecology Letters.

"Some of the initial assumptions about ecosystem response are not correct and will have to be revised," said Zak, a professor at the U-M School of Natural Resources and Environment and the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts."

End excerpt.

Well, well, well! Since Nature isn't cooperating with the theory, it will quietly be dismantled one piece at a time; politicized scientists cannot afford to look ridiculous in front of the public. The case will have to be made that, well, the "deniars" were wrong and evil but new information explains why the theory isn't working.

In other words, the vanguard of alarmism must make the discoveries themselves to overthrow the theory, or they will lose credibility. You won't see much publicized from the people who have been in opposition all along to Global Warming theory; THEY cannot be allowed to build the case. The case has to be built by the loyal alarmists themselves, so they can create a new emergency or alter the old one in such a way as to keep the pressure on. The end game is, of course, the establishment of a New World Order based on the concept of a "shared planet" where we are all intimately connected and so have the right to interfere with each other. Redistribution of wealth, international structures to overturn national and local sovereignty, all of the dreams of the Socialists and utopians.

And don't kid yourself; lead author Donald Zak of the University of Michigan is an alarmist. He is quoted as saying;

"Humans are the cause of this warming, and that's no longer a debate among scientists,"

So Zak and others like him must construct the retraction, or face becoming ridiculous and irrelevant.

So, it's going to be interesting to watch the AGW crowd spin the failure of their theory in coming years. By the time it's all over the media will have us believe that they were against it all along, and that the infamous "deniars" were the big supporters of it!

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