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Thursday, November 17, 2011

: GOP finally confronts Obama's Russian "reset" failure

Dana Mathewson

And it's about time, too. Our relationship with Russia is not what you'd call good. Plus, that country is beginning to resemble the former Soviet Union more and more every day.

"From Tymoshenko in Kiev to Khodorkovsky in Chita, a new iron curtain has descended across the continent."

"Last week, Speaker of the House John Boehner finally confronted President Barack Obama regarding his failed “reset” policy in Russia. He pointed out that despite Obama’s plans and promises, Russia is standing with Iran, not us, in the confrontation over revelations about Iran’s nuclear program. The news came even as the world learned that a Russian scientist had been helping Iran to develop those lethal nukes, and that Russia intended to bestow even more nuclear technology on Ahmadinejad and his fanatical regime.

"Though Obama doesn’t seem to notice, Russia’s Iran policy is a declaration of a new cold war, and nobody should be surprised. Two books from seasoned Russia correspondents warned us long ago that this would happen. It’s a cold war that, with nukes in the hands of Ahmadinejad, could get pretty hot, pretty fast."

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