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Friday, November 18, 2011

Should I Buy a Gun?

Dana Mathewson

An American Thinker article wherein a 51-year-old man begins, for the first time in his life, to consider arming himself. His arguments are excellent.

In discussing the "Occupy" gangs, he cuts to the chase. FTA: If Occupy wants to burn liberal inner cities to the ground, a lot of Republicans will simply shake their heads. If Occupy spreads beyond that and seeks to do direct damage to traditional Americans in our communities, then Occupy is going to find out fast that the rules of the past, where people like us relied solely on authorities to defend us, won't be in effect. I will be blunt. If they want a fight, they had darn well be ready for what punching back looks like. There is a reason "Occupy Cheyenne" didn't make any real noise. It's not the cops with tear gas guns that would be the problem -- it was the pickup trucks that drive the roads of very conservative southeast Wyoming every day with stickers that say "Hell ya' that's a real gun in that gun rack."

The article's comments are good, too.

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