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Friday, November 18, 2011

WH Energy Chief Falls on own Sword over Solyndra

Dana Mathewson

I smell something here. True, I would love to see this turd under that huge bus along with all the others who are there already. But I think it is highly unlikely that he alone is to blame.

FTA: Energy Secretary Steven Chu said Thursday that no one from the White House ever contacted him to make a political decision on a half-billion-dollar loan to a California solar company that later went bankrupt.

Testifying under oath on a widening controversy, Chu said he was unaware of his staff predictions in 2009 that Solyndra was likely to face severe cash-flow problems. He said that market changes which led to a steep decline in the price of solar panels were "totally unexpected."


Do we really think he was "empowered" to make that deal without permission from the White House? To me, this doesn't pass the smell test -- or the giggle test, or whatever test I can think of.

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