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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Today I am a Feminist

Jack Kemp

That's right. After searching my soul about the allegations against Herman Cain, I have decided to look for higher guidance from the Queen of the Living Feminists, Gloria Steinem herself.

WWGD? - "What would Gloria Do?," I asked myself.

And here is what I found in a search on the internet, in a article based on past events :

The establishment reacted similarly back in 1998, when Juanita Broaddrick alleged that then President Bill Clinton had raped her two decades earlier. Despite the fact that the majority of Americans believed the allegations to be true, 54 per cent versus 23 per cent who thought they were false, and despite Clinton settling the case with a whopping $850,000 settlement, "A lot of money from someone who claims he did nothing wrong," as Larry Elder wrote, the corporate media again defended Clinton and downplayed the seriousness of the allegations.


Feminist icon and liberal establishment mouthpiece Gloria Steinem also sprang to Clinton's defense in a separate sexual harassment allegation against Clinton, absolving Clinton for allegedly forcing Kathleen Willey to place her hand on his genitalia. "Steinem suggested that women should be of sterner stuff and that Willey's description, if true, is small potatoes. After all, said Steinem, when Willey said, "Stop," Clinton stopped. No harm, no foul."


No harm. No foul. No $850,000 settlement. Deferring to the Wise Feminista judgement of Gloria Steinem, I have to conclude that whatever did or didn't happen between Herman Cain and his accusers is "small potatoes" and I urge the women allegedly involved to be made of sterner stuff, as Ms. Steinem has suggested.

Thank you for giving me the correct attitude years ago, Ms. Steinem. I - and the women and men of America - owe you our gratitude for putting this matter in proper perspective. And the Cain campaign probably wants to thank the attorney for the alleged victim of Herman Cain - for swelling the contributions to the "Cain for President" campaign by $250,000 in one day, according to campaign manager Mark Block.

NOW you're really smokin', Mark.

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