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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Agenda 21 and the AGW Medicine Show

Timothy Birdnow

Phyllis Schlafley tells it like it is on the Gang Green and the U.N.:

"The UN goal is to move the United States into global government by environmental regulations and a vast network of taxes. These newly-imposed taxes will give the UN a tremendous stream of money in addition to U.S. dues and congressional appropriations.

The plan for taxes was launched at the 1992 UN meeting in Rio de Janeiro, known as the Earth Summit, where Conference Secretary General Maurice Strong produced a 300-page document with 40 proposals called Agenda 21. The tax-seeking route then proceeded through UN meetings in Cancun in 2010, in Durban this November, and will be finalized next year at what is called Rio+20 (i.e., Rio de Janeiro after 20 years).

Agenda 21 is a comprehensive master plan to reshape and control the U.S. and lock us into the clutches of the UN under the innocuous phrase Sustainable Development. Along with 178 countries, President George H.W. Bush accepted Agenda 21 as "soft law" adopted by a new tactic called collaborative consensus building, instead of by treaty."

Global Warming is a medicine-show ploy to put P.T. Barnum to shame. It has all the elements of a late night infomercial; slick presentation, fast talkers, "follow the pea" tactics, celebrity endorsements. ACT NOW! TIME IS RUNNING OUT! DON'T WAIT OR THIS OFFER WILL EXPIRE! AND IF YOU SPEND ONE TRILLION DOLLARS YOU WILL RECEIVE THIS OFFER AT THE REDUCED PRICE! BE ONE OF THE FIRST FIFTY CALLERS AND YOU WILL RECEIVE CARBON CREDITS AND AN AUTOGRAPHED PICTURE OF AL GORE ABSOLUTELY FREE! DON'T WAIT! TIME IS RUNNING OUT!

Unfortunately this offer may not be returned onced opened.

Thanks, Duke!

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