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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Aussie Government Bans Climate Dissenter Papers

Timothy Birdnow

The Australian government has been suppressing research that shows sea level rise is no where near the catastrophic levels predicted.

From the article:

"The latest incident came in September when organisers of the Coasts and Ports 2011 Conference in Perth accepted one of the studies, only to have senior OEH bureaucrats tell them it had to be withdrawn.

“They were able to do this because my co-author of this study, and the co-authors of the other rejected studies done after I left government work, still work for the government,” Mr Lord said.

“As far as I am aware the minister has not been made aware by her department that this has been happening.”

Icecap Note: I know of two other such papers also meeting the same fate. I was a reviewer on one such paper and approved it with minor suggested changes. The data is not controversial as in all cases it came from long history reliable gauges. The results made the government’s stand and the huge investment being made look bad. The coverup for the BIG LIE continues."

End Excerpt.

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