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Saturday, December 03, 2011

"One Righteous Man" at Canada Free Press

Timothy Birdnow

I've been hearing it with ever-increasing frequency; we have to accept a flawed candidate, someone we can "live with" because we must beat Obama. I agree - to a point. I will vote for whosoever shall runeth against the Anointed in the general election. But this is the primary, and we have every reason as conservatives to demand a better quality of candidate than we have gotten. We have poor candidates not because there aren't good people out there but because they aren't running, and they aren't running because too many are desperately seeking an "electable" guy, meaning someone approved by the elites in the GOP and the media.

It bothers me; even Rush Limbaugh is talking about the Tea Party demanding perfection as if it is some sort of sickness by a bunch of radicals. Lloyd Marcus, a writer I greatly respect, recently made many of the same arguments at American Thinker. Clearly, somebody had to explain what is happening, why we trench dwellers are demanding somebody who won't flip once in office.

So I wrote up this

This piece would have been better at American Thinker, because the Marcus piece appeared there first, but at over 2200 words it is too long for the AT format. As always, I am greatly indebted to editors Judi and Brian for posting this.

As for Rush, he also made the point in his piece (which I cite) that Ronald Reagan was not wanted in 1980, and was considered a long shot. True, but what Rush fails to mention is that Ronald Reagan was a huge sensation in 1976, nearly taking the nomination from the sitting president (Gerald Ford) and that Reagan had decades of experience in politics, including holding the Governorship of California. And what Rush further fails to mention is that Reagan was a doctrinaire conservative, a man who was absolutely predictable because he held to first principles rather than "pragmatism". We could trust Reagan, whereas we don't have anybody to fully trust in the current crop of GOP candidates. That explains the appeal of Herman Cain (and Cain's slide since the allegations have come out against him of womanizing is tied to an increasing suspicion that Cain has been lying to us).

America seeks an honest man.

And THAT explains things in a nutshell. Conservatives do not seek "perfection" but honesty. Outside of Ron Paul and Michelle Bachman there are no real trustworthy candidates. Paul has some bizarre ideas. Bachman is good, but too unseasoned - and nobody has ever won the Presidency out of the House of Representatives. She needs to be a governor or senator first.

And so, we are not succumbing to Democratic trickery or media manipulation so much as a desire for one honest person. Neither Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney fall into that camp.

So, anyway, read and enjoy.

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