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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Conservative Elite should pay us bloggers

Jack Kemp

Pamela Geller posted a story from Datechguy about why shouldn't the right donate to us hard working bloggers and websites? Most just want to pay for self-aggrandizing ego campaigns like Charlie Christ in Florida who ran as a third party candidate after losing the Republican Senate primary to Marco Rubio. If Soros and the unions can pay for Occupy Wall Street occupods, then why can't the right pay us for our benefit to them?

When CPAC turned down Proj. Shining City request for credentials this year, thus having my editor decide not to go as a group in Washington, I wrote about it at Tea Party Nation. Some stupid clown wrote a comment that it was important to go anyway. I replied, "If it's so important, why don't you spend your own money to go?" He had a mealy mouthed reply. He apparently thought I was multimillionaire Bruce Wayne, the alterego of Batman. All I had to do was fire up the Batmobile and motor to D.C. Or maybe he thought I was the public library where he could demand the right to their services.

I recall going to a fancy party in Westchester, NY, shortly after Limbaugh read my Dec. 20th, 2006 story on the air.

Some wealthy guy thanked for my work on his political behalf, but guess how much money he offered me to continue my work? Zip. Zero.

The wealthy political right eventually see us bloggers meet up with the Law of Diminishing Returns and we will have to become wedding singers or stage hands on American Idol - or demand some payment from the Conservative Movement such as this author I quote in the articlel below does. And if you think young people coming out of the educational system can readily replicate the knowledge of the last 20-40 years of news and politics that someone my or Tim Birdnow's age has, you have been smoking those funny cigarettes. I'm not saying that only people 40 or older can do this, but it definitely helps to have this more mature group of bloggers in the mix.

Here is just the introduction to the long article by Datechby. I urge all to go to this link and read the entire thing:

Is conservative new media worth as much as the occupods?
by Datechguy | December 12th, 2011

I must admit I’m a bit jealous of the occupods in one respect when I see this post at Don Surber’s blog.

Somehow, they were able to spend a few months in the fall camping out and protesting against the working class while not working themselves.

They are in that upper 1% who do not have to work.

I don’t begrudge anyone what they already have, if they are rich enough to hand out then that’s fine. My jealously is based on how, well their friends on the left (and in the unions until the useful idiots were no longer useful) managed to kick in to keep them in tents, food and protests for two months. The tens of thousands of dollars that occupy New York, Occupy Oakland and occupy Portland (before their 20 grand was stolen) came from somewhere.

The left makes an effort to keep those who fight their battles supplied and ready to fight. On the right it is a bit leaner. Consider when New York Magazine mentioned Mitt Romney raised over 10 million in under 8 hours what Stacy McCain wrote:

we are struck by the sharp contrast between how George Soros employs his wealth — to build a media infrastructure for advancing his broad political agenda — and how wealthy Republicans spend their own money:

To advance the narrow personal ambition of Mitt Romney.

Why are rich Republicans so clueless? They are shoveling money at a candidate who suffers tepid support among the GOP grassroots and is therefore unlikely to win the nomination.

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