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Monday, December 19, 2011

More on/Moron the Crazy rabbi

Jack Kemp

Writing in Commentary Magazine, Seth Mandel takes the Tim Tebow-bashing rabbi to task. He uses a Hebrew phrase (chillul Hashem) which means literally "Desecration of God's name" and brings out additional problems with Rabbi Hammerman's judgement:

Hammerman, a member of J Street’s Rabbinic Cabinet, says he is rooting against Tebow as a New England Patriots fan and as a concerned citizen. He gives the impression he believes that fervently hoping for the public failure of an athlete is appropriate if that athlete is overtly Christian. (While there is nothing wrong with being a Patriots fan, Hammerman does call head coach Bill Belichick​ a “moral exemplar,” which is a bit much considering Belichick was caught cheating to win games and carried on an affair with a married woman, resulting in the couple’s divorce just after his own. One wonders about Hammerman’s moral judgment.)

But more importantly, Hammerman surely knows that what he writes here is plainspoken bigotry, an affront to a nation of civilized people, insulting to Christians for all the obvious reasons, and is a chillul Hashem as well–a blight on Judaism’s reputation and one of Judaism’s most serious sins.


At a synagogue I attended last week, the sermon centered on Tebow as well–only this one extolled Tebow’s courage, his pride in his faith, and his sense of personal security. Let’s hope that sermon was more representative of American Judaism’s response to Tebow than Hammerman’s disgraceful rant.

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