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Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Worst, Wettest Drought in American History

Timothy Birdnow

It's interesting; the fundamental assumption of Global Warming is that Carbon Dioxide will warm the planet, leading to an increase in atmospheric water vapor that warms the planet even further. Yet we see little evidence of this. Of course, the Goldilocks theory has it both ways, claiming AGW will lead to drought and flood both (It's too hot! It's too cold! It's just right! It's Global Warming!) and yet there appears to be no real increase in precipitation worldwide - at least nothing beyond regional variations. Hmmmm.

Catastrophe is the critical issue here; no matter what the conditions, they must be JUST THE WORST EVER or people won't be stampeded off the carbon cliff. It's the oldest sales technique known to man "act now! Time is running out!". It has to be an emergency or people will tune it out.

Which is why NOAA is desperately seeking to claim that a mildly droughty year is the WORST EVER and we are all going to die.

Steven Goddard from Real Science:

"Apparently the math geniuses at NOAA have determined that the 1934 sum of 80% drought plus a positive number, equals 53%. The Dust Bowl never happened. The Ministry Of Truth has erased it."

End excerpt.

A fascinating example of how numbers can be manipulated.

In a follow up post Goddard shows the actual rainfall, illustrating quite plainly that the Dustbowl was much drier.

And let us not forget the flooding earlier in the year. While the rainfall was doubtlessly factored in (and it was heavy in the spring) the flood was actually anthropogenic, and not because of Global Warming; the Army Corps (that's pronounced Core, President Obama!) of Engineers kept the floodgates closed until the reservoirs were at emergency levels.

And so now we are expected to believe this is the worst drought in American history. Ri-ight!

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