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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Of Mice and Mohsen

Jack Kemp

The New York Post ran an incredible story about Mohsen Hosseinkhani, a man who claims to have earned a Ph.D. "from Harvard Medical School" and then a medical degree from Shahid Behesti Medical University in Iran. You have to read way down into the piece to discover where he trained as a doctor. Hosseinkhani was arrested for re-entering Mt. Sinai's facilities after losing his fellowship at the research facility of Mount Sinai Medical Center (it has a hospital as well). Hosseinkhani allegedly mixed up various research project mice from their original cages/containers used in multiple projects and also allegedly stole "secret scientific material" (stem cell cultures, antibodies, etc.) worth around $10,000. How does one do this? Was his original electronic pass not cancelled? Did he "borrow" someone else's electronic pass?

Harvard cannot verify that Mr. Hosseinkhani having attended their university. So how was he hired by Mt. Sinai Medical Center? Did Mount Sinai not bother to check Mr. Hosseinkhani's educational credentials because it would be considered "racist" -- or are they just slipshod? Or is not requiring transcripts from Harvard the new "Obama Standard" that Mt. Sinai adheres to? Hosseinkhani would have to show additional proof before I would refer to him as "Doctor" - without the quotes - in this piece. His name doesn't appear in the registry of New York medical doctors, the Post also states.

One can only guess at how cooperative an Iranian university would be with an inquiry by a Jewish-founded New York (read: Great Satan) medical institution. Come to think of it, the Iranian university might be just as willing to say that Hosseinkhani has a medical degree from them, even if he does not, in order to aid his getting access to Mt. Sinai Medical Center's research facilities.

Hosseinkhani was -- incredibly -- released on $15,000 bail with orders to appear next week before a judge in New York. The Post has a source that claims Hosseinkhani previously flew off to Russia with some items from Mt. Sinai, including carcinogenic chemicals.

Mr. Hosseinkhani, we are assured by the article, didn't see any patients. But no one can say that he didn't release any microbes - by accident or by lack of care - and they did not come in contact with physicians or patients or main hallways.

This is just the tip of this iceberg -- and some New York institutions may be headed for a Titanic sinking, as the Post -- and others -- release more details in the days to come.


Saturday’s New York Post states that:

One heart researcher said Hosseinkhani allegedly forged data for two years on his heart-cell regeneration research.
“I saw some of his work. It was total bulls---t,” said the scientist, who would only give his name as Eric. “He just wasn’t smart enough, and he didn’t want to get fired. So he faked it.”
The neurobiology official said it was from two separate labs in the basement of that building where Hosseinkhani allegedly pulled the rat switch.
“They caught him on video messing with the mice,” said another researcher.

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