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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Tea Party Nation "endorses" Gingrich

Jack Kemp

Every day there is another great argument to pick a different Republican for the Presidential nominee. My head is spinning and this is pushing into territory beyond my expertise and just involving my hopes and fears. As Balzac once said, "In life it is not a choice between good and bad but between bad and worse." I wish James Monroe were running, but he is not.

From the founder of Tea Party Nation, Judson Phillips:

A Meeting of Conservatives
Posted by Judson Phillips on December 8, 2011 at 5:18am in Tea Party Nation Forum

Yesterday, in Washington there was an amazing meeting of Conservatives. Who was there and why were all these conservatives gathered?

A legend in the conservative movement, Richard Viguerie put together this meeting for conservatives and the list of people there read like a who’s who of the conservative movement.

The guests included Gary Bauer, Brent Bozell, Ken Cuccinnelli (Virginia’s Attorney General and probably their next Governor), Gini Thomas, Emmett Tyrell of the American Spectator and others.

I was invited along with my good friends Howard Kaloogian and Amy Kremer from Tea Party Express.

The special guest at the event was Newt Gingrich.

Richard Viguerie put this event together and has put a couple of other events together, with other GOP candidates, to allow conservative activists to meet with the candidates. Most conservative activists are sitting on the sidelines so far in this Presidential race, which is surprising since the Iowa Caucuses are only 26 days away.

Gingrich made some remarks and then took questions from the audience.

Some of the questions were easy questions, some a bit more serious and a couple of them were really hardball questions from a couple of Libertarians.

One of them accused Conservatives of being warmongers and the other took Gingrich to task for opposing reform of the Endangered Species Act when he was Speaker.

Gingrich said two things that really were important to me. First, he said his planning all started from one place. It was from January 2021, where he would be leaving office after eight successful years. Conservatives would have overwhelming majorities in both the Senate and the House and a conservative agenda would have fundamentally transformed Washington.

The fact that he thinks in terms of a conservative victory and conservatives winning speaks volumes. Mitt Romney does not think of that. He only thinks of getting himself into the White House. Even Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry are not addressing the campaign in those terms.

The other thing he said is something that he has said before. He would make the campaign a battle between the ideas of Saul Alinsky against the ideas of liberty. He would make it a battle of unemployment checks against paychecks.

The fact is Gingrich is quiet willing to take the fight to Obama. That is very reassuring after hearing about the GOP conference call two days ago that said the GOP should not attack Barack Obama.

Why the hell not?

What do they think Obama is not going to attack the GOP nominee?

I like the fact that Gingrich is willing to fight Obama just as hard as Obama is going to fight.

Gingrich said one other thing that I think is pretty on target. We are down to three choices now It is either Obama, Romney or Gingrich. Realistically, at this point it is almost impossible for Bachmann, Santorum or Perry to move to the front and take out Romney.

For conservatives, it is time to choose. Seeing Romney get the nomination is not acceptable. That is simply Obama with a slightly better haircut. Seeing Obama reelected is not acceptable. There will be no America left if he gets a second term.

We are 26 days away from the Iowa Caucuses.

It is time to choose.

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