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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Alan Colmes vile remarks only a continuation of liberal practices

Jack Kemp

So when Alan Colmes, a noted liberal commentator, made those vile remarks on the air about the Santorum family wanting their children to play with the brother who died two hours after childbirth, was he continuing a pattern of liberal practices? Yes. Apparently taking one’s dead child home and holding a funeral mass and hugging it is considered “weird” for Alan Colmes – and “ghoulish” for the New York Times. The family held a Catholic service at home, as “American Infidel” of Tea Party Nation has pointed out. Apparently now Alan Colmes is an expert on how people are supposed to react when a loved one dies – and as if that has something to do with the 2012 Presidential campaign.

On a personal note, when my dad died in 2003, I went to the hospice that I had taken him to earlier in the day – and I kissed his forehead that night after he was gone. I have met a man in Florida who took care of a wife for twelve years – and when she died, he wanted to go drive to the airport to buy a ticket back to New York, even though it is something he could have bought on the phone or perhaps the internet. It would not enter my mind to judge his behavior.

But let’s return to Alan Colmes. Where did he get political values concerning commenting on a politician’s private family issues? Let’s take a walk down memory lane.

When Sen. Paul Wellstone died in a plane crash in 2002, there was a memorial service in which the invited Republican guest Sen. Trent Lott was booed as he entered to pay his respects to a fellow U.S. Senator. Also the state’s Governor at that time – and his wife – the Jesse Ventura family, were booed. Mrs. Ventura later started to cry and her husband escorted her home. The most shocking part of this – to me – was Sen. Wellstone’s son yelling about the upcoming election for his late father’s seat, yelling, “We are going to WIN!” He looked like a drunk at an NFL game played in New Jersey or Philadelphia. Minnesotans were repulsed and showed it at the polls.

In the 2004 Presidential debate between John Kerry and Pres. Bush, Kerry made a snide remark about Dick Cheney’s daughter being a lesbian, as if that had anything to do with national issues. It was reported that college students audibly gasped at the crudeness of the remark – mostly liberal college students. This had been preceded by Mrs. Teresa Kerry saying that Mrs. Laura Bush didn’t have “a real job” because she was raising children without having work outside the home. I recall a woman with four children calling into a talk show in the Northeast after the election totally outraged by that condescending remark. My own personal reaction was, “Gee, when my mother held my forehead late some night when I was a small child retching into the toilet, I didn’t know she wasn’t doing a real job. But I think Teresa was wrong about that.”

During the confirmation hearings for Condoleeza Rice for the office of Secretary of State in 2007, Sen. Barbara Boxer remarked that Dr. Rice was not qualified because she had never been a mother, i.e., had no children who would “pay a price” in the military for the U.S. going to war. Mrs. Boxer – yes, I know how hard she worked for that “Senator” title - went national insulting every person who had not been a mother (or a father), by extension, as being uncapable of caring about the future of the United States. Sen. Boxer never made such charges against Attorney General Janet Reno nor Supreme Court Justices Sotomayor and Kagan – but they are Democrats.

In an April 2008 speech in North Carolina, Barack Obama did a middle school boy’s trick supposedly scratching his face – as he flipped Clinton the bird. Obama did it again to John McCain here in the Presidential campaign.

These are the role models that Alan Colmes had for what is acceptable behavior among liberals. No wonder he just “learned” from them. You can see exactly what he said on national television here. I am sure, judging by his demeanor, that Alan Colmes believes he did nothing wrong. He apologized because it was forced on him – as a resignation or firing may be forced on him very soon. Frankly, who among us would have thought we’d see such vileness on a national television network?

At the 1992 Democratic National Convention, Al Gore talked about his son being in a automobile accident, how he cradled the boy in his arms. Four years later at the Convention, he would talk about his sister’s death from cancer. He did so without any fear that conservative commentators would call him “weird” or the New York Times calling him “ghoulish.”

Judson Philips of Tea Party Nation said he couldn’t figure these liberals out. I can’t really either, but my best guess is that they consider people across the political aisle as vermin – untermenchen, subhuman, as the Nazis called non-Aryans. It is just that nowadays they no longer feel ashamed to say it in the open. If one is raised to think that there is no one or no thing higher than oneself, than one begins to think one is a God. Look at Colmes smug face in the video: here is clearly a man at peace with his religious values – because he worships himself.

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