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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Richard Viguerie quotes the Wisdom of Phyllis Schlafly

Jack Kemp

As Phyllis noted, last year 41 percent of all babies born in the U.S. (including 53 percent of babies born to women under 30) were born outside of marriage.  “It is obvious,” said Schlafly, “that when the mother of these children has no husband to support her and her babies, she calls on Big Brother Government.”

You and I then pay the bills for welfare, after school programs, Head Start and a host of other expensive and largely unsuccessful federal efforts to replace the nuclear family.

“It's not poverty that causes broken families; it's the absence of marriage that causes poverty and puts kids below the designated poverty line. Social issues cause fiscal expenses,” concludes Schlafly.


Establishment Republicans don’t want to talk about it either.  It all sounds so icky and judgmental around the bar at the country club.  Besides, establishment Republicans, especially those running the Mitt Romney campaign, are infected with what might be called “Goldwater Syndrome.”  They suffer from a form of dementia in which they are forever stuck on Election Day 1964.  This syndrome causes them to prefer to run content-free campaigns and ignore the fact that by running on the social issues Republicans have won seven of the past eleven presidential elections

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