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Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Power to Tax is the Power to Govern; U.N. Agenda 21 and Green Global Taxes

Timothy Birdnow The United Nations is considering several proposals to impose taxes on American citizens for environmental purposes. According to the article by Joel Gehrke at the Examiner: ""We recognize that subsidies for non-renewable energy development should be eliminated and replaced with a global tax on the production of energy from non-renewable energy sources," the UN draft agenda, amended by non-governmental organizations at the invitation of the UN, says. "The income of this tax should be allocated to renewable energy development." The draft agenda was obtained by the Center for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), a group skeptical of the UN's position on global warming." [...] Another proposal would spread the cost of investing in other countries throughout society. "We call for the fulfilment of all official development assistance commitments, including the commitments by many developed countries to achieve the target of 0.7 per cent of gross national product for official development assistance to developing countries by 2015," the draft says. The proposal would provide "a target of .015 to .020 percent of gross national product for official development assistance to least developed countries." That plan would cost $1,325 for an American family of four, according to CFACT." [...] "CFACT reported in December that negotiators at the UN conference on climate change in Durban, South Africa, discussed the future implementation of "a new tax on every foreign currency transaction in the world," that would disproportionately fall on the United States because "transactions within the Eurozone won't have to pay this new tax." This tax would help pay for the Green Climate Fund, "which will eventually gather and disburse finance amounting to $100bn (£64bn) per year to help poor countries develop cleanly and adapt to climate impacts," according to the BBC." End excerpts. The power to tax would make the United Nations a state and not just an organization of independent sovereignties. The U.N. already has it's own armed services, and a world tax would give it the authority to act as a de-facto world government. It is critical to the internationalists who have always sought to create a world government that the U.N. be given this power. Of course, this is the whole purpose of Agenda 21, the U.N. scheme to backdoor world government through environmentalism. The statists rightly knew that the environment is something that can be used to regulate every aspect of human existence, and that, since we all breathe the same air and drink the same water, it could be used to justify a world-girdling system of law. This is a plan that has been in the works for decades, and is now coming to fruition. Granted, the Global Warming scheme hasn't worked out so well, because too many people became educated too quickly and the alternative media eres able to get the information out there. But it hasn't slowed the Gang Green much, and they continue to push forward with AGenda 21 as though the world were actually facing thermogeddon. If one looks at the Articles of Confederation, the document establishing the first Republic of the United States, it becomes apparent that the U.N. is rapidly approaching the status of world government. There is an assembly. There are courts. There are laws governing the relationships between the individual states. There are provisions for military defense. And even the Articles did not grant the United States the power of direct taxation - something the U.N. is now seeking. If this isn't world government I don't know what is.

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