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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Fluke Fake

Timothy Birdnow

Who is Sandra Fluke? Inquiring minds want to know!

Turns out Russ Vaughn has an inquiring mind. From the article:

"Meanwhile, Democrat activist, Sandra Fluke, who famously created this whole mess by claiming she needed Georgetown law School's health insurance to cover the $3,000 cost of her and other students' contraceptives during their tenure there, turns out to be flying cross-continent to spend spring break with her beau. Bill O'Reilly made the interesting observation that she can't pay for her own contraception, which is actually available for nine bucks a month, not the grand per year she claimed in her congressional testimony (isn't there a criminal penalty for giving false testimony to a congressional committee?) but that the fetching Ms. Fluke can afford to fly across America for a holiday.

More importantly, O'Reilly also revealed that Fluke's boyfriend is the son of a wealthy Democrat contributor with ties to the White House. shows tens of thousands of dollars donated to various Democrat politicians and Democrat political organizations. A day earlier, O'Reilly reported that Fluke is being represented by former Obama White House advisor, Anita Dunn. Seems that Ms. Fluke sure has a lot of unusually close ties to the White House for an ordinary, concerned, Georgetown coed. Imagine that.

As I said in an earlier piece, Ms. Fluke appears to have been the Democrat's well-trained and well-positioned, Trojan mare. And our too-trusting, Republican House leadership just opened the election gates wide and let Pelosi roll her in."

End excerpt.

Now, Mr. Vaughn made a poor choice, putting Ms. Fluke and Trojans in the same sentence (ah, but then nobody would understand what a Mentor Horse was, would they?) but you get the point; she was a plant, a fake, a Democrat operative pretending to be a poor little college girl. Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm gets mistreated by big bad politicians. You know the drill. This was pure political theatre, a melodrama of the worst sort. Snidely Whiplash versus (a very promiscuous) Nell. Of course, granite-jawed Dudley is none other than Barack Obama, who rides to her rescue. (Anyone familiar with the cartoon knows Dudley is a lovable imbecile, but that is immaterial to the narrative here.) This is a cheesy morality play.

But the Fluke narrative is starting to flounder; the school girl narrative smells fishy! Nancy Pelosi may carp about the treatment of an Obama grouper, but that's just a red herring.

(Sorry. couldn't help myself. Oh, and on the pun topic - Anita Dunn?! That is just too funny when talking about overuse of contraceptives!)

There were a couple of good comments on the piece. For example:

"citizen65 4 comments collapsed Collapse Expand

I have to wonder what Ms. Fluke's boyfriend thinks of her needing $1000 per year in contraceptives while he is away on the far side of the continent?"

Indeed! Sandy appears to meet the definition of Rush's description. What does her boyfriend think of her? Rather, what SHOULD he think of her excessive spending on birth control?

"Rurik 6 comments collapsed Collapse Expand

Okay, Congressman Issa ought to subpoena the Fluke to testify before his committee and put her under oath. Then he could require her to answer under oath questions about the inconsistencies in her previous statements. If she stands by her previous statements, she can be prosecuted for lying under oath to Congress. If she demurs, then follow up with more questions about why she lied and who put her up to it, and perhaps nail Pelosi as well.
If there is no punishing counter-attack, the Fluke will go on top be a DNC hero and probably get elected to Congress where she will have a long career as a gadfly. Destroy her political future now . Breitbart lives! This is what he would do."

End comment:

And that is absolutely right; lay a perjury trap for Fluke! Make her deny any complicity with the Democrats under oath. Make her defend her cost claims. This can be done gently, but it should be done firmly. Remember, this is not an 18 year old girl but a 30 year old woman. Issa can suggest he is calling her to clear the record, to backhandedly condemn Rush Limbaugh by letting Fluke testify. It can be done. She will have no choice but to amend her testimony or face charges of perjury. This can be demolished quite easily.

And should be. But the GOP is courageous as newborn bunnies.

Mr. Vaughn's points about the dropping of sponsors (and their declining prospects without the powerhouse of talk radio) should be a roadmap to our side; boycotts are double edged swords. Cave to the Left and you will pay a price with us. That's how it should work, at any rate. Remember, there are more of us than of them. They are better organized, but according to a 2010 Gallup poll (and Gallup is no friend of the Right) 42% of the populace is conservative, 35% moderate, but only 20% liberal. There is no reason to think those numbers have changed appreciably. If we are the clear majority (and we are, or Gallup would find a way to tighten those numbers) then offending US is more dangerous than offending the Olberman/Schultz/O'Donnell/Mahrer/Steward crowd. Let the Lefties howl! In the end it is our money that talks - we have it, too, because we work. Liberals are too busy protesting and organizing boycotts to actually acquire wealth. We need to let the corporations understand this simple fact.

But they don't. Occupy Wall Street was funded by any number of corporate sponsors (like the Men's Warehouse, Ben and Jerry's, ) and those sponsors should pay the price. We can hurt them. They need to know that incuring our displeasure will damage their bottom lines.
Read more at the Daily Breast, er, Beast.

And remember the big Leftist organizations are funded by the very wealthy. George Soros and his Tides Foundation and Open Society Institute, for instance. Progressive Insurance is owned by a friend of George. Taco Bell is run by one. Bill Moyers of PBS fame was a board member of the Open Society Institute. And THEY get their money ultimately from US. That has got to stop.

We hold the power of the purse. We need to use it.

This whole Limbaugh/Fluke fiasco illustrates that power quite plainly. Rush has led the way (as usual); it's time we follow en masse.

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