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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Democrat Weapons System

Looks like this kid should be severely punished; he used the preferred weapons system of the Democrat Party!

February 23, 2005

Florida boy accused of assault with rubber band

13-year-old suspended 10 days after confrontation with teacher

WKMG Local 6
Suspended from school. Robert Gomez has been accused of threatening a teacher with a rubber band. WKMG Local 6 image.
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A 13-year-old student in Orange County, Fla., was suspended for 10 days and could be banned from school over an alleged assault with a rubber band, according to a WKMG Local 6 News report.

Robert Gomez, a seventh-grader at Liberty Middle School, said he picked up a rubber band at school and slipped it on his wrist.

Gomez said when his science teacher demanded the rubber band, the student said he tossed it on her desk.

After the incident, Gomez received a 10-day suspension for threatening his teacher with what administrators say was a weapon, Local 6 News reported.

"They said if he would have aimed it a little more and he would have gotten it closer to her face he would have hit her in the eye," mother Jenette Rojas said.

Rojas said she was shocked to learn that her son was being punished for a Level 4 offense -- the highest Level at the school. Other violations that also receive level 4 punishment include arson, assault and battery, bomb threats and explosives, according to the Code of Student Conduct.

The district said a Level 4 offense includes the use of any object or instrument used to make a threat or inflict harm, including a rubber band.

Rojas plans to fight the ruling but her son still faces expulsion.

"It's ridiculous, it's a rubber band," Rojas said.

The school's principal could not comment because the case is still under investigation.

A district spokesman said there is still a series of meetings the district will have before Gomez is officially expelled.

Birddog`s Hillbilly Hiatus

Sorry, y`all, no blogging until Moonday. I`m going trout fishing down on the White River in Arkansas with a bunch of plumbers (I`m going to have to bring a watch; Moonrise is going to come early, and often!)and will probably require an angioplasty when I return as even the salads will be deep fried!

If I see Bubba Clinton and his chums (Susan MacDougal, Mack McLarty, Ronald MacDonald, etc.) I`ll say howdy for Y`all! I may even set down and split a six pack of Harley Davidson beer with them-but I`ll pass if Billy Jeff offers me a cigar (for obvious reasons).

Anyway, I won`t be back `til monday (I really need this; I`ve been working like a donkey-well, I should say elephant instead-for a long time and this get-away is just what I need!) See y`all next week!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Wild Rice

(Is a presidential bid for Dr. Rice a good idea?)

John Tabin, one of my favorite political analysts, has a piece in the American Spectator Online in which he lays out the arguments against a Presidential bid for Condoleeza Rice. It is a must read.

Matt May, freelance writer and fellow American Thinker alumnus, has a defense of the Draft Condi movement in the Thinker. He makes some really good points and you should check it out.

My own view on the matter is that Dr. Rice is far too inexperienced as a political campaigner, and that while she may have experience as a manager she doesn`t have practical experience governing. I really like Dr. Rice, and think she could well be a political force to reckon with-but not now. I don`t believe for a minute that she (or anyone) can walk into the Presidency from an appointed position in the current era. It`s hard enough for Senators to win the Presidency (or be effective); I don`t believe for a moment that Condi would have a chance. She needs seasoning-preferably running a State for a few years.

I also don`t like throwing away a natural advantage the Republicans have; a Rice/Clinton race would guarantee a woman President, and I think that would take away the disadvantage Hillary would have among certain segments of the voting public-especially elderly voters. Given that the last couple of Presidential elections have been nip and tuck, I think this could be a critical factor. I don`t believe Dick Morris` theory that a black woman would have an edge because of race. Quite the opposite, I believe blacks don`t like Dr. Rice at all and will turn out against her in droves to punish what they perceive as a turncoat.

Anyway, read these two articles for yourself. They are both worthwhile reads, and they can help shed some light on this issue now, before the bandwagons start a-rollin`. Is Dr. Rice the wildcard the Republicans need or is she a monumental mistake waiting to happen? You decide!

Unholy Alliance

Our good friend from Ultima Thule, Aussiegirl, has written a piece outlining the coalescence of a Dark World Order, an Unholy Alliance, between Russia, China, Iran, Syria, etc. which may rise to imperil those of us in the West. I wholeheartedly agree with her conclusions; China has been plotting against us, funding terrorists and proliferating weapons, Russia is clearly playing both ends against the middle, Iran and Syria are obviously the Terror Masters. Our continued success is drawing these advocates of evil together against us. We had better wake up soon and slay this embryonic dragon while we can!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Common Sense and Wonder on Unintended Consequences

This from our friends at Common Sense and Wonder:

Unintended Consequences
Further evidence that when an item that consumers demand is banned that a black market will immediately spring up to satisfy the wishes of the people (from Best of the Web):

The candy removal plan, according to students at Austin High, was thwarted by classmates who created an underground candy market, turning the hallways of the high school into Willy-Wonka-meets-Casablanca.

Soon after candy was removed from vending machines, enterprising students armed with gym bags full of M&M's, Skittles, Snickers and Twix became roving vendors, serving classmates in need of an in-school sugar fix. Regular-size candy bars like the ones sold in vending machines routinely sold in the halls for $1.50.

"There was no sugar in the vending machines, so (student vendors) could make a lot of money," said Hayden Starkey, an Austin High junior who said he was not one of the candy sellers. "I heard kids were making $200 a week just selling candy."

Thanks, guys!

Click the blogroll to check out more; Common Sense and Wonder is a terrific site, well worth a daily read!

Misery and Miss Information

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I think I`ve just found the secret website of Maureen Dowd (or another joyful democrat woman, at any rate!) Don`t forget to take your prozac before visiting!

With Friends Like These..

Our ``Oldest Friends`` and erstwhile allies think that Nato should take a back seat to their personal sandbox, the European Union. The E.U. is an attempt by these 5th rate powers to challenge the United States, while we continue to guard and protect them. Consider this from the Times:

Bush falls foul of Chirac over Nato

President George Bush's attempt to heal the rift with Europe on Iraq was marred by fresh differences over the role of Nato. Tony Blair joined Mr Bush in hailing the alliance as the "cornerstone" of the trans-Atlantic relationship, under repair in the wake of the war. But French President Jacques Chirac backed German suggestions that Nato should take a back seat to the European Union.

Now, compare this to our Newest Friend, Ukraine. The Ukrainian people can`t wait to join NATO! They are eager to guard our backs, and it looks like the President is going to support their entry. Read about it

Let me get this straight; our old friends say essentially ``screw you`` and our new friend can`t wait to join us. Tell me again, why are we friends with Germany and France?

Lebanese Orange

NRO has a piece about the uprising in Lebanon, in which Mordechai Nisan explains Lebanese culture and offers a hopeful view of the Lebanese future. Shawn Macomber had offered a similarly optimistic view of the assassination of Hariri (an optimism I did not share although it`s starting to look like I may be wrong!)

The World has let Lebanon down. Lebanon has an unique Christian culture which has been trampled underfoot-first by the Palestinians (whom they charitably allowed entry as refugees) then by Syria. Syria has illegally occupied Lebanon since the `80`s and the World community (including the United States) has stifled a collective yawn.

The Lebanese occupation should have been dealt with long since; Syria is home to every terrorist organization on the planet with the possible exceptions of the Shining Path of Peru and the Irish Republican Army (and I`m not so sure about those) and Syrian domination of Lebanon has had profound ramifications for the security of Israel. Without control of Lebanon it would be far more difficult for Syria to funnel funds and arms to Palestinian terrorists, and the peace process would have a much easier time of it. Syria may well be hiding Saddam`s WMD`s in Lebanon. Finally, the Lebanese deserve the right to maintain their own society free from radical Islamic overlordship.

The United States forced the Israelis to leave Lebanon when they invaded to stop the use of Lebanese soil for terrorist attacks, and then we abandoned Lebanon after the bombing of the Marine barracks. We have paid dearly for our weakness; every terrorist since has pointed to our retreat from Beirut as proof of our cowardice. (Osama Bin-Laden certainly did!) We have a duty to support freedom in Lebanon.

Will we follow through? The President talks a good game, and I believe he means what he says, but he often is prevented by the left in this country and by his own diplomats at Foggy Bottom (aka. the State Department) who fear any kind of motion. (Those guys at State would make great sessile creatures; they move slower than coral. They would form an evolutionary offshoot of humanity, much like H.G. Wells envisioned the Moorlocks and Eloi branching off the human tree. I can see it now; HomoStatis forming colonies where they hmmm hmmm and tut tut while hordes of symbiotes-TreesayHenzKries-bring them food and refill their pipes...)
I fear that the initial outburst against Syria may fade after the campaign of fear and intimidation begins. It will only build if we show we will follow through on our end. The ball is firmly in our court.

We owe them our support.

To see the Nro article click

To read Shawn Macomber`s piece click on Return of the Primitive on the blogroll.

But what should that support entail? I have never advocated an Iraqi style invasion. Syria is home to every terrorist known to man, and an invasion would bring them all out against us. The Iraqi ``insurgency`` would be a minor league game next to a Syrian invasion. Further, we have to worry about the Russians. That is no idol concern. Russia is the land of the paranoid, and they are already nervous about American forces on their southern border. A Syrian military action would upset them, and would upset their middle-eastern policy. We would have a lot of trouble from them.

I have always considered Syria to be like a pimple; squeeze hard enough and it will pop. George Kennan created the policy of containment which we employed against the old Soviet Union, and, although times and circumstances are different, I think the basic principle is applicable here. Syria is ruled by the other Baathist Party, and the crypto-fascists should be as amenable to internal pressure as any fascist/marxist/totalitarian. Tyrants need external enemies to fight. If Lebanon breaks free, Syria will be more isolated than ever. We can keep heavy pressure on them economically, and the Syrians will be looking at unfriendly regimes in Turkey, Israel, Iraq, and Lebanon. How long before the Syrian people become fed up? (Mind you, this trick could never have worked on Iraq; Saddam had too many friendly, or at least neutral, regimes on his borders. Syria will have to stand alone.) Like the old Soviets, Syria will find it more and more difficult to distract an increasingly dissatisfied public. Further, once the money and access is gone the terrorists will see no reason to continue their relationship with Syria. Hopefully by then, we will have a new Jihad for them to fight in Iran (which should itself be fought in the Contra style; U.S. advisors and military aid to ``insurgents`` to bring the Mullahs down while we use airstrikes on the nuclear and other military capabilities.)

The Lebanese uprising is a good start to fixing an enormous problem.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Another Pledge to the Atomic Club

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I`m not sure how much truth there is in this story in the World Tribune, but I suspect at least part of it is on the money. Why would Egypt need an atomic device? I suspect to counter a nuclear Iran!

I really don`t like this; too many nations are getting entirely too close on nukes, and sooner or later someone is going to use one. We must develope some kind of workable non-proliferation policy!

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Monkey Business

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Have Koko`s rights been violated? Koko could be a Muslim! (Uh oh, better call Gitmo!)
Maybe the ``torture`` at Camp X-ray was treating the ``victims`` like Apes?

We may see a lawsuit by Peta; by treating Koko like an insurgent his handlers have insulted all Gorillakind!

Women in the Military

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One argument against women in combat.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Comrad Putin and His Dancing Teeth

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Once again we witness the spectacle of Comrad Putin trying to play both sides in the War on Terror. You are either with us, or against us, Mr. Putin!

Oh, by the way, do you remember someone saying ``we will hang you, and you will sell us the rope``? It`s time to quit selling rope to your hangman, Tovarish!

Another Lie Exploded

David Hogberg is absolutely the source on Social Security issues! In his latest column in the American Spectator Online he explodes the newest liberal lie on the subject. Read it here and then go to Hog Haven to check out all of his other brilliant pieces!

Hot Kofi in Hell

There are things in this world which seem to be inextricably linked; peanut butter and jelly, fish and chips, beer and pretzels, salt and pepper, and the United Nations and hypocrisy. You simply can`t have one without the other. Here is one more piece of proof to back up that assertion (from Reuters):

Annan urges action to end ‘hell on earth’ in Darfur

N’DJAMENA: UN Secretary General Kofi Annan called for immediate action on Wednesday to end what he termed a near hell on earth in Sudan’s western Darfur region. But African leaders warned against sending non-African troops to Darfur, where the United Nations estimates a two-year conflict between Sudan’s government and rebels has killed at least 70,000 people and driven some 2 million from their homes. Annan backed a call by US President George W Bush’s administration for a travel and assets freeze on those violating a ceasefire in Darfur. He said the UN Security Council should consider a full range of options — targeted sanctions, stronger peacekeeping efforts, new measures to protect civilians and pressure on all sides for a lasting political solution in the western region. “While the United Nations may not be able to take humanity to heaven, it must act to save humanity from hell,” Annan said at a meeting called to review a report submitted earlier this month by a UN-appointed commission on Darfur. reuters

Home | Foreign

This is perhaps the most disgusting and self-serving display of pseudo-self-righteousness I have ever witnessed. Annan had every opportunity to do something about Darfur. He should have pushed, nay-demanded, that the U.N. declare the situation in the Sudan a case of genocide. The United States pushed for this declaration so that some sort of concrete action could be taken against the murdering Janjaweed, but, as always, timidity ruled the day and Kofi was AWOL. If he really did care about the horror in Darfur he would have done everything in his power to obtain a declaration of genocide, and would have pushed for a U.N. resolution authorizing the use of force. Unfortunately for the dead and dying Mr. Annan was occupied criticizing the United States and counting his ill-gotten Oil For Food money.

There has been plenty of time for the United Nations to analyze the situation and formulate some sort of plan of action. There is a strong counterrevolutionary movement inside the Sudan itself-especially in the south (although there has been a recent cease-fire). The French have a sizable presence in Chad which could be brought into action, the African League is more than willing to contribute troops and assistance, certainly our new friends in Eastern Europe would be glad to assist. Why has no action been taken?

The U.N. does not want to take action because the Sudan is an Islamic State which harbored Osama Bin-Laden for years, and which would be exporting Jihad if it hadn`t been mired in a nasty civil war. If the U.N. were to intervene against the Janjaweed killers, it would be forced to acknowledge that Gen. Al-Bashir and the revolutionary Islamic government was behind the genocide, which would force the United Nations into accepting President Bush`s policy of regime change for state sponsors of terrorism. Kofi simply can`t afford to do this if he wants to assert the U.N.`s authority over international affairs. If Annan caves to U.S. policy here, he fears he will be forever perceived as playing yes man to America. He wants the World to view the United Nations as the leader, and the U.S. in submission. That is why he (and all his cadre) were so bitter about the Iraqi invasion; we went over his head.

Some sort of action simply must be taken here; it is unwise to allow the Sudan to fester. Over two million people have died or been displaced in the Sudanese Civil War. The Egyptian government has been hanging on by it`s fingernails (the Wahabiists may soon control Egypt), and the Sudan sits at Egypts back door. The Sudan can cause enormous trouble for us in east Africa as well, and the current regime has made no bones about it`s desire to export revolution. The Sudan has all the ingridients to become another Afghanistan. Clearly, the Bush Doctrine demands action.

That action does not necessitate direct U.S. military involvement. I had a lengthy e-mail argument a while back with the ever brilliant Jed Babbin about this matter. He thinks any U.S. intervention would be a mistake, because he thinks this will distract our attention and resources from more dangerous places (Iran) and he doesn`t believe we will affect lasting change. (About that last part he is probably right but, if the nation is to be ruled by thugs and tyrants, I would rather they be neutral thugs and tyrants rather than our enemies.) Mr. Babbin certainly has a solid argument. He pointed out that the United Nations would behave in exactly the manner they have; in short, do nothing and oppose any action by us. Further, he argues, we have no direct national interest there. That is where I disagree; I think the Sudan is vital to the stability of the entire region, and I think we ignore it at our peril. Once Al-Bashir and the Jihadists consolidate power they will follow the Iranian model and no amount of aspirin factory bombing will change that. I believe we should use a regional approach, backing the rebel forces with African League aid and U.S. air support. (The Sudan is ideal for an aerial attack-it is a flat desert plain.) With Libya running scared, the Sudan is the last bastion of Islamic radicalism in Africa; we can drive the Jihadists off the continent. The British, under ``Chinese`` Gordon were able to control the Sudanese with a 19th century military; certainly a modern army should have a much easier time of defeating what is essentially the same military the British fought.

The problem, however, is that the United States is simply too busy elsewhere to deal with the Sudan adequately, and the U.N. is far too corrupt and undependable. Considering the atrocious behavior of U.N. ``peacekeepers`` in Africa of late (rape,sexual abuse and slavery,etc.) the Darfurians may prefer to take their chances with the Janjaweed.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


I had no idea Birdblog was being traded on the (fantasy) market! The internet never ceases to amaze me!(Click the header.)

Milwaukee Jihad

Who is always crying about how very vote should count? There was less voter intimidation in Iraq! The insurgents should have taken a page from the Democrats.(Click the Header)

The U.S.S. Malaise

The navy is going to commission an attack submarine named after Jimmy ``Malaise`` Carter? Carter is the guy who gutted the military in the late `70`s and commissioned the only non-nuclear sub in decades. He gave us double digit inflation, double digit interest rates, high unemployement, and an energy crisis. If the Carter is true to her template she`ll be a leaky, fuel guzzling vessel (trailed by a fleet of fuel ships), slow as molasses, with few, substandard weaponry. Her crew will hate serving aboard her (suffering malaise)and she`ll end up abandoned on some foreign shore in a failed military exercise. The name bodes very ill.

I sure wouldn`t want to serve aboard a ship named after ``America Held Hostage`` Carter!

Monday, February 14, 2005

The Real Valentine`s Day

Happy Valentine`s Day to all!

St. Valentine was a third century man imprisoned by the Romans for the terrible crime of being a Christian. One of his jailors came to respect him (since he was an intelligent and educated man) and asked Valentine if he would have regular visits with his daughter for the purpose of teaching her. Valentine became fast friends with the girl, and wrote her letters signed YOUR VALENTINE. The legend was born after Valentine was executed on February 14, 296.

I hope that makes you all appreciate the holiday a little more; it is more than just a greeting card company holiday!



(My wife chucked me in favor of our cat for her valentine this year-I guess I`ve been married too long!)

Friday, February 11, 2005

Darwin in Designer Genes

Have you ever been driving behind one of those people who put the little mock Jesus-fish (called an ichthus) with little legs and embossed with Darwin on their car bumpers? These people are, of course, mocking Christians and generally trying to make trouble. Who are they? Generally, they are atheists or agnostics (or sometimes pagans) who put their faith in science and ``reason`` rather than God. They believe Darwin holds the answers to life`s great questions, and that the foolish Christians (and also Jews, Moslems, Buddhists, etc.) are superstitious bigoted imbeciles who believe in God and Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairie but who wouldn`t know the truth if it came up and bit them on their-brains. To these people, there is no God but Science, and Darwin is thy prophet.

Yet these are the same people who often disregard the gaping scientific holes in Darwinism (most of them don`t even understand the difference between Darwinism and evolution), or who scoff at supply-side economics in favor of ``scientific socialism``, or believe in feminism, or man-made global warming, or Dianetics, or any other crazy liberal crackpot idea. The zealous desire to believe pseudo-scientific nonsense is driven by a fundamental need for faith; they were built to believe in God, and by rejecting religious faith are forced into idolatry-and for many that idol is Darwin.

Which brings us to the subject at hand; the concept of gay genes. According to a study in the journal Human Genetics this is simply not a tenable concept. Read about it here or click the header.

What does driving around with a Darwin-fish have to do with homosexual genes? I would like to point out that the most vociferous defenders of unrestricted homosexuality and gay marriage are those most likely to be driving around with a four-legged mackerel on their bumper, and yet Darwinism is damning to their case. According to Darwin, the engine for the evolution of a species is natural selection, which occurs by the mechanisms of pure survival; that is, an organism which is better adapted to it`s environment will survive to breed, while a less adapted organism will die childless, or with minimal offspring. Homosexuality tends to lead to minimal breeding. In fact, homosexuals often refer to heterosexuals with the contemptuous term ``breeders``. If our Darwinian friends are correct, a homosexual gene should have long since bred itself out of the gene pool. It offers no survival benefits-quite the opposite to hear homosexual activists tell. Yet we are supposed to believe that this gene is alive and well and may pop up in a relative near you! Logic and Darwin say otherwise.

Gay genes are a myth. The causes of homosexuality are deep and convoluted, and it will be a long time before we understand them. The current argument over this quakery will be viewed by future generations in the same light as Social Darwinism (which is inherent in Darwinian theory and which says that different races and peoples are more or less genetically advanced), studying head bumps (whatever that is called), palmistry, Flying Saucers, Martian Canals, and global warming.

Sex And The Single Grandma

Dr. Robert Cranston, from the Center of Bioethics and Human Dignity, has written an opinion piece opposing Medicare coverage of Viagara. Read it here or click the header.

Isn`t America wonderful; as Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson pointed out, `` now grandma can get a three a.m. booty call``. We are truly blessed!

Tell me again-why is Medicare becoming insolvent?

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Korean Rat

Looks like Aussie Prime Minister John Howard may be thinking along the same lines as little old me; seems I`m not the only one to smell a Korean rat. Click here to read about it in

Thanks for the newsflash, Aussiegirl!

A Soldier`s View

A Likely Story is the website of Rae, who is a blogger who does a mix of things-literature, politics, music, etc. She posted a letter from a soldier over in Iraq today which is a must read! Click on the header to be taken directly to her site.

Putin It All Behind Him

The brilliant and gracious Aussiegirl has a great post up at Ultima Thule about Comrad Putin and the Russian problem. Click the header to check it out!

Proof of Death

North Korea has announced that it possesses nuclear weapons, which it claims to have built from Plutonium obtained from spent reactor fuel rods. If true, this seriously changes the dynamic in the Far East, and is a major defeat for the Bush Doctrine. If this is true.

Aye, there`s the rub. North Korea has never tested a thermonuclear device; there is simply no way of knowing if an atom bomb will work without conducting tests. It is veeerrrry difficult to conduct those tests without someone figuring out what you are doing. An atomic blast leaves too large of a footprint. The United States used to conduct them underground, and the whole world knew about it anyway. South Africa conducted tests in the South Atlantic (although they denied they were the ones doing it) and we knew exactly what was happening. (Since we couldn`t prove that it was a South African test, they are not officially listed as a nuclear power.) North Korea has never conducted a test.

Which means that either the NPRK 1. Has acquired a supercomputer to conduct a virtual test (very unlikely, but not impossible thanks to Bill Clinton`s political campaign and bargain barn) 2. They have acquired nukes from somewhere else-perhaps they have bought old Soviet nukes or 3. they`re lying to gain leverage.

What we need here is proof of life, or rather, proof of death. If the NPRK has the bomb they need to show the world! We know they are getting close, but we have no reason to believe these liars have actually developed a weapon. It would be easy for them to prove their assertion. We should call their bluff.

If Korea has the bomb, then they are untouchable by conventional means; we will have no regime change as in Iraq. We understand this, and they understand this. Is the timing of this announcement a coincidence? I find that very unlikely. North Korea fears the Bush Doctrine, and is trying to turn world opinion against any exercise of that doctrine. I think we are watching a game of high stakes poker. We shouldn`t panic-we need to call their bluff. We need proof of death. Read the story here.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Tragedy and Baby Blue

I`m sorry, I really am. I just can`t help myself; Maureen Dowd is just too easy to pick on (she looks like a nose-everyone`s always picking on her!) Actually, I`m starting to worry about the Blue Faerie because now she is talking about suicide, and given her extra Blue mood these days she may need psychiatric intervention. I fear our gal may be contemplating doing something rash (other than her threat to rip Frosty the Snowman`s face off, that is.)

It seems MoDo decided to skip a production of Romeo and Juliet the other day so she could bitch about it, and is trying to liken Shakespeare to Clint Eastwood. You can read her explanation here. Our Blue honey seems to have taken umbrage with criticism of Eastwood`s movie Million Dollar Baby because said critics are conservative, and criticize the suicide option employed by the main characters. The Dowdy one seems to find a healthy romanticism in the suicide of Romeo and Juliet, and believes Shakespeare will be next up to be mowed by the Bush`s. Actually, I fear her Freudian slip is peeking out of her Freudian pants suit, and we may have to worry about how far the Blue One may carry her schoolgirl fantasies.

She seems to be arguing that conservatives don`t understand art, and tries to make her point with R&J, as well as the Greek Tragedies, but it`s fairly obvious who it is who doesn`t understand Tragedy. The suicide of Romeo and Juliet is not excused as a good or right thing. The fact is, it is painful to watch because of the great sense of loss. Shakespeare did not intend this to be in support of suicide which, I gather (I haven`t seen the movie) Eastwood is excusing as right (and noble) under certain circumstances (chronic illness). MoDo just doesn`t get it; suicide is often what makes a tragedy so, well, tragic! Conservatives aren`t complaining because they aren`t ``uplifted`` by Baby, they are complaining because there is nothing courageous or noble about killing yourself-especially killing yourself to duck out of a bad or painful situation. This movie seems to be making excuses for taking the easy way out; there is little of classic Tragedy in that.

Our girl just never seems to get the point; Maureen shows her cluelessness in so many ways. Take her comment about George Bush Sr. stealing from Clint the line ``read my lips, no new taxes`` for example-strange, I don`t recall the High Plains Drifter offering accounting advice, or Dirty Harry threatening bad guys with ``go ahead, fill out my 1099!``

Our gal sees Red State conspiracy everywhere, including nefarious plots by ex-Presidents and married folks. She frets about Virginia allowing people to have Traditional Marriage embossed on their car`s license plates, and she jokes with a friend about how they should have sketches of two miserable people accompanying the moniker. Again, she is showing her true colors; me thinks she doth protest too much!

Maureen is contemplating the wrong tragedy; instead of Romeo and Juliet she would find Faust more germane. Faust, if you all remember, made a deal with the Devil. Maureen, unfortunately made a similar deal-this one with liberalism, and feminism. These are her twin diaboli, and, like all deals with the Prince of Darkness, requires her to pay a terrible price. She has told us in past columns that her liberalism has estranged her from her family. She has said that her feminism has kept her from finding a husband. She hates Christmas. She broods and suffers because her political views are slowly shredding in the meat grinder of history.

Poor Maureen. She is trapped in her own personal gulag of despair and longing, and she will never escape because she wedded her soul to that tyrant, the false god of liberalism. I fear for her; I may be joking about this suicide talk being Freudian, but I may be on to something, too; she certainly seems to have an unhealthy interest in the subject. She needs to seek redemption.

Remember Maureen, blue is the color of death, and Romeo and Juliet lay cold and blue at the end.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Super Bowling

This should finally put to rest the aura of greatness surrounding Donovan McNabb, but it probably won`t. McNabb is essentially a running back who throws the ball, and I don`t think you can build a team around that particular style. Granted, McNabb had a lot of passing yards in this game, but that was the whole point. The Patriots strategy was obvious; force the great scrambler to throw the ball. The Pats stayed back in zones, and forced him to do what he`s not good at. He threw interceptions, and most of McNabbs receptions were screens; he looked like an amateur when he went long. When someone did catch the ball it was generally in spite of poor passing. Half the time the receivers were twisted around backwards and sideways trying to grab an essentially uncatchable ball. The Patriots made this happen; they understood McNabb`s weakness and exploited it. Kudos to Pats coach Belichik. He is the primary reason for the Patriot ``dynasty``. (Personally, I have never thought the Pats were that talented-they win because of superb coaching.)

I really hated to see Boston win both the World Series and the Superbowl. Oh, well, at least we won the big prize! (No, Senator, you lost-get over it!)
This year has been particularly tough on my hometown of St. Louis; the Cardinals took a beating in the World Series (by Boston) , the Rams were humiliated by the Falcons in the playoffs,we have no hockey, and this weekend World Welterweight Champion and St. Louisan Corey Spinks was TKO`d. It been a very painful time. We just have to think like Cubs fans-there`s always next year!

At least we won`t have to put up with any more crowing about the greatness of Donovan McNabb, at least until next season!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

A Vain Struggle

Against stupidity the gods themselves struggle in vain.
Ancient proverb

Today in Yahoo News we see exactly what is wrong with anti-terrorism policy in the Middle-East. First off, President Bush is sending bribe money to the Palestinians. When will we ever learn? You don`t pay Charon until he gets you to the other bank of the Styx. We continually try to pay these guys off while in mid-stream; they have no reason to follow through. Moslems have contempt for someone who tries to buy their enemies off, anyway. Terrible idea, Mr. Bush!

You would think Israel would have learned that trading land for the promise of peace is the hallmark of stupidity, but they apparently haven`t. Where do these government negotiators get their ideas from? Can you imagine if Bill Gates,say, in negotiations with other computer companies agreed to decouple his operating system, his browser, and all his other systems as a show of good faith? Any corporate lawyer worth his salt (not SaltII) would advise negotiating from a position of strength (gee, I like these italics and bolds today). You don`t discard your best hand when playing poker; why is Israel discarding the West Bank before even meeting with the Palestinians? How stupid can they be?

It seems we are engaged in a titanic exercise in vanity.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A Grave Matter

Shawn Macomber has a powerful and frightening article over at the Spectator. Click on the header to read it, or visit Shawn`s site by clicking on Return of the Primitive on the blogroll.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


After 229 years, we take it for granted. We are deluged with slick political advertising for months before an election, and we hear endless bickering over issues great and small. Those of us who bother to vote trudge off to the polls, often with a yawn and slight irritation at having one more chore to perform before we can head home from work. We don`t know how lucky we are.

That right was bought by the blood of our grandfathers, and is maintained by the blood of our neighbors today. We just don`t appreciate the enormity of the costs of the right to vote. Throughout the world, people will brave bullets, threats, attack dogs and pepper spray to go to the polls. Remember the students who died in Tianneman Square? They stood their ground (unsuccessfully) against tanks and machine guns to obtain the right we care so little for. Recently the Ukrainian People risked their necks to have a free and fair election; Ukrainian security people stopped an attack on citizens protesting the hijacking of the election; the pro-Russian lobby was going to massacre them. In Afghanistan and now Iraq people braved death threats and terrorism to vote. These people were prepared to do ANYTHING to exercise their newly won franchise. They could actually be part of the selection process of their leaders! Never had they been able to do this! This is a pearl of great price-worth blood and treasure. Here in America we`ve forgotten.

The franchise should be sacred to us. WE are the ones who opened it up to all, and we did this through wars and great sacrifice. WE fought the most powerful army in the world with squirrel guns and second-hand artillery for this right, and won. WE fought our own for this. WE stood up to the might of Europe and Asia in an epic conflict, and won. WE devoted 40 some odd years to fighting a protracted cold war throughout the world against the forces of statism, and won. We have paid dearly for our franchise; why do we value it so little?

The old adage ``vote early, vote often`` was the punch line to the Daly machine in Chicago, and is a shameful indictment of the careless view of Americans toward their franchise. Who went to jail in the 2000 elections for vote fraud? College democrats were crossing state lines to double vote, felons were voting, illegal aliens, and dead people; everyone laughed it off as a good joke. We should not hold such a thing as the franchise so lightly. We have bought it in blood; we should have greater respect for our fallen.

A word of caution is needed, however; one vote does not a franchise make. Many nations have had one successful vote, only to be dragged into a cesspool of corruption and repression. Consider Zimbabwe (former Rhodesia); they seem to have elected their president for life (and he is one mean mother!) The Greek city states all sided with Sparta against the democratic Athenians during the Peloponnesian Wars, because Athens had become corrupt and repressive, despite having a democratic system. Mussolini and Hitler were both duly elected by their respective countries.

Our Founding Fathers understood this. Benjamin Franklin, when asked by a woman what sort of government we were getting, replied, ``a Republic, madam, if you can keep it.`` They knew that the franchise depended on it`s citizenry. That citizenry had to understand that power emanated from God to the People, then to government, and it was paramount that the people understand this. Consider this quote from James Madison:

"In Europe, charters of liberty have been granted by power. America has set the example...of charters of power granted by liberty. This revolution in the practice of the world, may, with an honest praise, be pronounced the most triumphant epoch of its history, and the most consoling presage of its happiness." --James Madison

We must be dilligent in our work abroad, to make certain our new friends understand this principle. Freedom involves more than the franchise; freedom requires a mindset which places the individual over the State. The State serves at our pleasure, not the other way around. Those charters of power devolve from our God-given state of freedom. We often forget that these days.

Still, the winds of change have been blowing; from Kandahar to Kiev, the gales of Democracy have been stripping the deadwood of Statism from the tree of history. America has opened the window for these winds to blow. George Bush truly knows what he is doing, and will go down as one of history`s greatest leaders. We are witnessing a miracle; the birth of a free world!

Iraq has seen the dawning of a new era. They have been given the greatest of gifts-the ability to choose their own destiny. They have triumphantly exercised that most basic of yearnings in the human soul; the franchise!

Now they must keep it.

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