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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Birddog`s Hillbilly Hiatus

Sorry, y`all, no blogging until Moonday. I`m going trout fishing down on the White River in Arkansas with a bunch of plumbers (I`m going to have to bring a watch; Moonrise is going to come early, and often!)and will probably require an angioplasty when I return as even the salads will be deep fried!

If I see Bubba Clinton and his chums (Susan MacDougal, Mack McLarty, Ronald MacDonald, etc.) I`ll say howdy for Y`all! I may even set down and split a six pack of Harley Davidson beer with them-but I`ll pass if Billy Jeff offers me a cigar (for obvious reasons).

Anyway, I won`t be back `til monday (I really need this; I`ve been working like a donkey-well, I should say elephant instead-for a long time and this get-away is just what I need!) See y`all next week!



Blogger Aussiegirl said...

Hope you have a grand time.
Here's a little excerpt of Richard Hugo's poem "Trout" to make coming back to civilization easier.

Quick and yet he moves like silt.
I envy dreams that see his curving
silver in the weeds. When stiff as snags he blends with certain stones.
When evening pulls the ceiling tight
across has back he leaps for bugs.
I wedged hard water to validate his skin? call it chrome, say red is on
his side like apples in a fog, gold
gills. Swirls always looked one way
until he carved the water into many
kinds of current with his nerve-edged nose.

9:49 AM  

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