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Monday, April 25, 2005

The Prophecies of St. Malachy

Since the Papacy has been in the news lately, and everyone seemed to enjoy my
exorcism post, I decided to carry on in this vein by writing about the Prophecy
of St. Malachy O`Morgair. St. Malachy was born in 1095 and died in 1148
(in the arms of St. Bernard, his biographer) and is famous for his prophecies
in which he enumerated every Pope until the end. I found this interesting site
about two years ago, and forgot all about it until yesterday. I decided to check
the accuracy of St. Malachy`s prediction regarding the new Pope; it was shocking,
to say the least!

Considering the name chosen by Cardinal Ratzinger, I find the second to last entry
very disturbing.

This same website has
a number of interesting prophecies by other Saints and Popes; you should check it out!
It`s always fun to compare these prophecies to reality.

Here is another interesting
website concerning prophecies by Saints, as well as prophecies by the Blessed Virgin at various apparitions. Also, here is a website devoted to Medjugorje which is well worth a look.



Blogger Aussiegirl said...

Tim -- you must check out BonnieBlueFlag's excellent column on just this topic. She did some extensive research and came up with some astounding facts on the connections of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger to the Benedictines and to the Olivetans -- connections which are not even as apparent as the name that he chose. Her article is entitled, The Glory of the Olivetans.

BonnieBlueFlag has been interested in the prophecies of Father Malachy for a long time, and as UT's official Vatican correspondent, she is indefatigable in her ability to ferret out fascinating information. Do give it a look. In addition, I was stunned to find out that Pope John Paul was born during a solar eclipse and was buried on the day of an eclipse. That is just too amazing a coincidence.

9:51 AM  

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